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Pain In Foot Causes

Pain In Foot

Pain in foot can be caused due to variety of reasons, it can range from normal injury to a chronic disease or deformity. Foot is composed of 24 small bones which can easily get injured which makes the foot prone to accidents and trauma. As a matter of fact foot pain can also be caused due to a pinched nerve in the lower back.

A person having pain in foot is unable to walk properly, feels heaviness or weakness in foot if it is caused due to pinched nerve and is unable to bring the foot up. Pain in foot can be caused due to damage in any part of the foot, it can be bone, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels or toenail beds. The cause of the foot pain can be narrowed by locating the specific part which is paining. Major causes of pain in foot are listed below

Pain In Foot Causes


As stated above foot has 24 bones and they can easily get fractured during accidents. One of the common causes of pain in foot is fracture. People who work outdoors or are sportsperson are more prone to fractures.


The foot can easily get bruised by stones or corners of the bed. It occurs to almost everyone. You may even notice blood clots, color of that part becomes darker. In most cases pain diminishes with time and proper rest.


Another most common cause of foot pain is sprain or muscle pull. Person is unable to walk and suffers from intense pain. It occurs when the ligaments are over stretched. Ligament which attaches the foot to ankle is most commonly sprained.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fascia refers to tissues which connect heel bones and toes. A person suffers from intense pain when the tissue gets inflamed. The pain becomes unbearable especially in the morning. You can easily treat it by taking proper rest, massage and calf muscle stretches.

Lower Back Conditions

Several lower back conditions like herniated lumbar disc, lumbar spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis can  lead to pain in the foot. The pain travels down the leg to the foot. If the pain is caused due to lower back condition then you will also have pain in your legs.

Diagnosis of specific cause of pain in foot should be done by a trained physician and you should consult a spine specialist if the pain is caused due to problem in lower back. He may opt for surgical treatment but in most cases it can be treated with the help of  medications. Diagnosis is usually done by physical examination, X-ray and reviewing symptoms of possible diseases.

If you are having pain in foot avoid putting body weight on it, give proper padding and take pain relievers and take as much rest as possible. Always wear good footwear  with cushioned sole and proper arch support. Sportsperson and field workers should take added precautions to protect their feet from injuries. Exercise regularly to make the foot muscles stronger and flexible.

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