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Period Cramps But No Period

Period Cramps But No Period

Cramps are one of the most common menstrual cycle symptoms and every woman suffers from cramps during period however, the intensity of pain and the number of days the person will have may vary. If cramps start then the person expects that the period will start within a couple days. However if a woman has period cramps but no periods she may get alarmed because it does not usually happen. Having period like cramps but no period means something is wrong in your menstrual cycle and you may get worried when you are not able to figure out the cause of these changes. There are many causes which can cause period cramps but no periods.

Causes of Period Causes but No Period:


Pregnancy is the most obvious reason for the period to stop. Period like cramps in early pregnancy is very common and occurs in every pregnant woman. Uterine muscle contract to provide more space to the fetus as a result you may suffer from cramps. You may also notice symptoms like headache, muscle ache or nausea if you are pregnant.

Premenstrual Syndrome:

You may have period like cramps but may not have period for several days because you may have premenstrual syndrome. As a matter of fact cramps are the most common symptoms of PMS. Cramps are caused when the uterine muscle contract and shed their lining. Ovarian pain may occur 1 week prior to the period and it may last for several days.

Ovarian Cysts:

Cramps may be caused due to formation of cysts cysts. It occurs when the sac does not break open and keeps growing or if the sac doesn’t dissolve after releasing the egg. These cysts can grow and cause intense pain and the pain is similar to that of period cramps.

Autoimmune Oophoritis:

The cramps may be symptoms of serious diseases like autoimmune aphoristic in which the ovaries get inflamed which may cause hardening of  the ovaries. Due to this menstruation may stop because of the decrease in hormone production. So it is important that you consult a doctor immediately when you don’t have periods because such diseases may even cause infertility if not treated in early stage.

Now the next important question which arises is how to deal with the cramps. There are three main things which you can do to get relief from the cramps.

How to Ease Period Cramps:


When you exercise the serotonin levels increase in the body which acts as a pain relievers so exercising is a very good effective way to reduce the cramps. Yoga and meditation can also help you relieve stress and cramps.

Warm Bath:

Applying heat to painful muscles is the best way to relax the muscles. You can either do it by taking warm bath or by using using heating pads on the abdomen.


Nutrients are very important for proper functioning of the body and lack of nutrients in the body may cause cramps so it is important to maintain proper level of nutrients to provide energy to the body.

If you are having period cramps but no period then you should immediately talk to your doctor because it may be symptom of a severe disease or if you had sex lately then you should go for pregnancy test.

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