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Period Like Cramps In Early Pregnancy

Period Like Cramps In Early Pregnancy

Body goes through a lot of changes when  person gets pregnant. Changes affect us both physically and psychologically. Period like cramps in early pregnancy is a common faced by women. If the person is not aware of the pregnancy then she expects to have a period when cramps start but she gets worried when she has period like cramps but no period.

There are several reasons which can cause cramps in a pregnant woman. Normal uterine cramping causes pain in the lower abdomen however, if the pain is unbearable and is spreading to other regions then it is a sign that something more serious is causing the pain. Pregnancy generally causes cramps on one particular side and it may continue for 8 weeks. Lets see the various changes in the body which causes period like cramps in early pregnancy.

Causes Of Period Like Cramps In Early Pregnancy


When the egg gets fertilized and it forms a zygote then it gets implanted on the inner wall of  uterus. Due to this bleeding occurs from the uterine wall and you may also have intense pain. You will notice blood spotting along with cramps which lasts for 1 or 2 days when you get pregnant.

Uterine Expansion

In order to make space for the growing baby, uterine starts expanding. As the uterine muscles and tissues stretch, it causes cramps and it is considered to be very normal. Due to this the ligaments surrounding the uterus also stretches causing cramps during early pregnancy. In early pregnancy uterus expands rapidly as a result intensity of pain increases every day.

Ectopic Pregnancy

If the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, possibly in the fallopian tube then the person may have intense pain. It generally leads to miscarriage within few weeks of fertilization else it should be removed through medical intervention.


It can be surprising to know that almost 30% of pregnancy end up in a miscarriage. Miscarriage mostly happens even before the person is aware that she is pregnant. If you have a miscarriage then you will have severe bleeding and cramps, many of the women usually confuse it with normal period.

Formation Of Yolk Sac

To provide nutrition to the baby a yolk sac forms inside the body. Few woman can also suffer from cramps due to the formation of the yolk sac in the early pregnancy period.

Hormonal Changes

Level of particular hormones changes during the pregnancy which leads to slow digestion. Due to this woman may suffer from several digestive problems like constipation, indigestion, gas and abdominal cramps.

Cramp is a normal problem of pregnancy and you should not panic. Talking to a doctor and understanding the causes of period like cramps in early pregnancy can make you feel better.  Severe unbearable cramps are mostly caused due to complications in the pregnancy and you should immediately report it to your doctor. You can try cramp relief techniques to reduce your pain.

Take lots of nutrients as it is very important for the baby and also helps in reducing pain and drink lots of water regularly. You can try yoga and meditation to get relief from the cramps and take rest when cramps increases. If cramps are not decreasing then you should take doctor prescribed pain relief medications.

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