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Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Symptoms

Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Symptoms

Almost everyone suffers from pinched nerve in his lifetime. Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Symptoms are not at all a major concern because of its mildness and easy treatment. Pinched nerve is caused due to the compression of the shoulder muscles. Due to high density of signal carrying nerves in the shoulders it is very obvious that a nerve may get injured or damaged due to pressure or injury on the shoulders and even bone dislocation. If you are lying in a improper posture for a long time it may also cause pinched nerve. Rigorous exercise and carrying heavy weight too can lead to pinched nerves.

A damaged nerve is unable to function properly and carry electrical impulses properly. Due to this you may notice certain symptoms in your body.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Symptoms:

Problem in Shoulder Movement:

You may have problem in moving your shoulder in all directions freely, the movement of shoulders gets restricted. In some cases even neck movement can get affected due to the pinched nerve. You will feel pain if you try too hard to move these parts.

Numbness in Arms:

We know that damaged nerves are unable to carry electrical pulses throughout the body due to this you may feel numbness in your arms and fingers. The signals sent by sensory nerves do not reach the brain due to which you may not feel pain or burning sensation in your arm.

Tingling Effect:

Slight stinging or prickling sensation can be felt at times. This unusual feeling is caused because the damaged nerves send improper signals to the brain at times but our brain is unable to understand these signals.

Intense Pain in Shoulder:

Due to the damage to the muscles and nerves of the shoulder area you may suffer from intense pain and the pain increases with movements of the shoulders. Few people also feel burning sensation because the blood circulation slows down in the damaged region.


Nerves are responsible for triggering movement in our muscles but if our nerves are damaged then the muscles along those nerves are not able to function properly. Due to compression, the signal will be weak as a result of which we will feel weakness in our muscles and won’t be able to perform normal physical activities.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Symptoms Treatment:

The best thing about pinched nerve in shoulder symptoms is that most of the times it can  be treated without any medications. Even taking rest for some time can improve your condition. A series of physical therapy sessions can help you completely get rid of the pain. Massage with pain relievers can give instant relief to the person. Taking help of a chiropractor can really help if the pain is not going on its own. To avoid pinched nerve always remain in a proper posture. Do not remain in the same position for very long. This causes continuous pressure on particular parts of the body and that may result in pinched nerve.

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