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Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding Causes & Treatment

Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Normally period can extend from 3 to 5 days but it becomes a major cause of concern when the menstrual bleeding does not stop even after a week. Prolonged menstrual bleeding is referred to as menorrhagia. It is normal to notice irregular and prolonged menstrual bleeding in girls who have just reached puberty and in older women who are nearing menopause. The major cause of heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding is hormonal imbalance in the body. These hormones control the thickness of the uterine cell, contraction of uterus and shedding of the uterine wall.

A major problem which may accompany prolonged menstrual bleeding is heavy menstruation bleeding with clots due to which the lady may suffer from many menstrual cycle symptoms and it may disrupt her normal life if she is unable to bear the pain and various other complications. Below are the major causes of prolonged menstrual bleeding

Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding Causes:


Polyps are the small fleshy growths on the uterine wall which mostly affects middle aged women. It is one of the most common causes of prolonged menstrual bleeding and it is also responsible for unbearable cramps in during period.

Uterine Fibroid:

Several benign tumors may grow on the wall of uterus. It is one of the most common causes of prolonged menstrual bleeding. Fibroid is present in almost every woman but its size is so small that it hardly causes any complication in most of the women.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Estrogen and progesterone are one of the most important hormone which control period of women. Abnormal level of these hormones can lead to excessive and prolonged menstrual bleeding in the woman. Bleeding which is caused due to imbalance is called as dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). It is the most common cause of prolonged bleeding in aged women and teens.

Von Willibrand’s Disease:

It is a disorder in which the body lacks a certain clogging factor due to which the person may have excessive bleeding. Period may last for more than 1 week in women who are having this particular disorder.


Adenomiosis mostly occurs in women who are in their 30s, endometrium tissues enter into the outer muscular walls of the uterus and when endometrium sheds off it the person suffers from unbearable pain. You may also suffer from heavy and prolonged bleeding.

Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding Treatment:

Proper treatment depends on the diagnosis and the present state of the person. Mostly it is caused due to hormonal imbalances which can be corrected by giving estrogen, birth control pills are also very effective in treating Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding as it helps in maintaining proper hormonal levels in the body. If the problem is caused due to any disease then treatment should start immediately to avoid further complications. If medication are not showing favorable results then doctors may opt for surgical treatments like endometrial ablation and hysterectomy.

Prolonged menstrual bleeding can cause anemia so it is important to maintain the nutrient levels in the body. Healthy diet not only ensures proper nutrient supply but also provides menstrual cramps relief.

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