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Red Patches On Skin Causes And Treatment

Red Patches On Skin

Red patches on skin can be caused due to several reason.It become very itchy, scaly and may even swell up. Red patches can appear on any part of the body but it mostly appears on the chest, back, face and folds like arm pits depending on the cause of the rashes. It can be due to any kind of disease, irritant or contact to any allergic substance.

When the blood vessels underneath the skin break or leak than red patches appear on the skin. Some skin rashes occur right away while few take time and spread to other parts with time. Many red patches disappear with time especially those caused due to irritants while others require proper medical attention. Most common causes of red patches on skin are listed below.

Causes Of Red Patches On Skin


Rubella is a viral infection in which the whole body of the patient is covered with red patches. The rashes are itchy and skin becomes scaly. If you notice other symptoms like sore throat, swollen gland and runny nose than you should contact your doctor right away because it is a very serious disease.


Most of the medicines have side effects and if you are allergic to any of the constituents of the medicines than red patches on skin may appear just after taking the medicine or within few hours.


It is one of the common causes of skin patches on skin, also known as heat rash. Red patches appear when sweat is blocked in the pores especially in skin folds of underarm and groins.


Dermatitis is caused when a person comes in contact to an irritant. The skin can get itchy, inflamed and dry. Most common causes of dermatitis is synthetic fibers, wools detergents, cosmetics, perfume or even jewelry.


Eczema is immune system disorder as a result the person may notice red patches quite often. It mostly starts in childhood and generally affects arms, chest and legs. The skin becomes itchy, dry, flaky and rough, the red patches may turn to brown after few days.


People who are overweight or diabetic are more prone to intertrigo. In this condition red patches appear on the skinfolds like inner thighs, under armpits and under belly. The skin rash may even ooze sometimes.

Treatment Of Red Patches On Skin

The best way to treat red patches on skin is to apply antifungal and antibacterial creams or gels over the affected area. You should consult your doctor before trying any medication or creams. Avoid exposure to scorching sunlight and apply sunscreen before going out. Apply lotion after taking shower if you have sensitive skin and keep your self dry especially in the skin folds because it makes the perfect condition for the bacterial and fungal growth.

Avoid using cosmetics products and deodorants as the harsh chemicals can harm the skin. Change the diapers of your baby regularly and take proper care of the hygiene of your surrounding and yourself. Talk to your doctor if the medications prescribed to you are causing red patches and ask for any alternatives.

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