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Signs And Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the most common periodontal disease that affects the periodontium which are the tissues present around your teeth. Symptoms of gingivitis are generally mild; however, if you do not pay attention to it and take medical help it may cause loss of tooth. The main cause of gingivitis is lack of oral hygiene. Illness, hormonal changes,  certain medications and bad habits usually cause poor oral hygiene. Harmful bacterias combine with the food we eat and forms plaque around the gums. If plaque is not cleaned on a daily basis it may harden up to form tartar which acts as a protective coating for the harmful bacterias.

Due to this you may have various problems in your gingiva, the part of the gum around the teeth.  Tartar can not be removed by brushing and you will have to take professional help to remove the hardened deposits. Bacterias invade the soft tissues of gums due to which you may notice various symptoms of gingivitis, few of which are listed below.

Symptoms Of Gingivitis


Pain is one of the first symptoms of gingivitis. Initially it will pain only when you are eating. In later stages pain may persist for a longer time and it can affect both your gums and the nearby tooth. Pain may increase if you touch the affected part of the gum.

Swollen Gums

Gingivitis can cause swelling of the gums which is caused due to multiplication of bacterias in the gums. Moist soft tissues are the best condition for growth of bacterias due to which swelling may spread very fast. The swollen portion appears bright red.

Bleeding Gums

You may notice bleeding usually when you are brushing. Bacterias make the gums very soft due to which it can get easily hurt while brushing, causing bleeding from the gums. Bleeding is also be caused due to the infections caused by the harmful bacterias.

Tenderness of Tissues

Our immune system reacts to the harmful bacterias and it releases certain chemicals to kill the bacterias. These chemicals harms the surrounding tissues along with the bacterias, causing tenderness in the tissue. Bacterias infest on the soft tissues causing tenderness in it.

Sour Taste And Bad Breath

When bacterias enter the soft tissues it causes infection and bleeding. The combination of bacterias, blood and infections results to a sour taste. You may also suffer from foul breath which may not go even after brushing.

The symptoms of gingivitis are same as the signs of any disease related to gums so it is important to get properly diagnosed so that proper treatment can be provided. Doctors usually depend on physical examination for diagnosis of gingivitis. Formation of tartar usually means that patient is suffering from gingivitis. Dentist removes the tartar completely to treat gingivitis. Antibiotics may also be used to kill the bacterias.

You must take special care of oral hygiene if you had gingivitis earlier. Brush twice daily and focus on parts of the gums which are hard to reach because food gets stuck there causing plaque formation. Rinse your mouth properly after every meal.

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