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Signs And Symptoms Of Hemophilia

Symptoms Of Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a disorder in the body due to which patient suffers from excessive bleeding due a cut or bruise because blood does not clot which means it does not change from  a liquid to solid state. The symptoms of Hemophilia varies from person to person which depends on the extent of deficiency of clotting factors which are the clot forming proteins. These clotting factors work with the platelets to clot blood.

Hemophilia not only causes excessive external bleeding as a result of cuts or bruises but can also lead to uncontrolled internal bleeding which are having more severe complications. In normal situation when blood vessels are injured  clotting factor helps the platelets to coagulate and form a clot and stop the bleeding. Hemophilia is generally genetically inherited however, there are some rare cases where hemophilia is caused after birth as a result of affect of antibodies produced in the body on the clotting factor present in the blood. Major symptoms of Hemophilia are listed below

Symptoms Of Hemophilia


The blood vessels in the nose are very delicate and thin and can easily get injured and due to lack of clotting factor, bleeding from the nose may continue for longer time intervals.

Stiffness In Joints

One of the serious complications due to internal bleeding is tightness in the joints. In most cases internal bleeding occurs in the joints, the blood accumulates in the joint and you may observe swelling. However, the severity of bleeding is much more than what you would expect by seeing the swelling.

Excessive bleeding

You may notice that the bleeding does not stop at the area of bruise or cut. It can also cause serious problems during surgeries because it becomes difficult to stop the bleeding and may cause a threat to life of the patient.


Hemophiliacs are more prone to bruises in comparison to other. Even a normal bump may cause bruises in the person. These bruises and cuts may start bleeding after few days and it happens repeatedly.


A person having hemophilia may also suffer from hematuria. Blood in the urine may or may not be visible depending on the type of hematuria the person is suffering from.

Muscle Pain

Due to excessive internal bleeding you may suffer from muscle pain and you might observe swelling of that part. Major muscles which are affected by internal bleeding are present in the calves, arms and thighs.

Once the doctor reviews the symptoms of hemophilia he can diagnose it by taking a blood test to see the level of clotting factors the body. There is no treatment for hemophilia however, you can live a normal life by increasing the level of  clotting factor which can be done in many ways. Hormone desmopressin can be injected in the vein or else clotting factors from another person can be infused to increase the level of clotting factor. Physical therapy can help in improving the condition of stiff joints. If your child in hemophilia then you must pay proper attention to him to prevent injury and bruises.

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