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Signs Of Stroke In Women

Signs Of Stroke In Women

Stroke occurs when there is a lack of blood in the brain tissues due to blockage of oxygenated blood supply. Signs of stroke in women may vary depending upon the cause of the stroke. Stroke is generally caused due to two reasons, first is narrowing of arteries responsible for supplying oxygen to the brain while the second one is internal bleeding in the brain due to rupture of a blood vessel of the brain, this is also known as cerebral hemorrhage.

Narrowing of the arteries occurs due to accumulation of excess cholesterol in the arteries which leads to formation of plaques which causes narrowing. At times these plaques may rupture which may lead to blood clot in the artery which can completely block blood flow  and leads to stroke. Blood clots may also travel from other parts of the body into the arteries.  You are at higher risk of having a stroke if you are overweight which means cholesterol level in the body is high, smoker, having hypertension or your age is over 50 years. Major signs of stroke in women are listed below

Signs Of Stroke In Women

Difficulty In Speaking

During a stroke a person may face difficulty in speaking. She may not be able to speak clearly. As a result she may not be able to communicate properly and will have difficulty in telling what problems she is suffering.

Sever Headache

One of the major signs of stroke in women are severe headache in women. The pain is much more excruciating then any other past headaches. Lack of oxygen and blood in the brain and rupture of the blood vessels causes headache.


Lack of oxygenated blood can severely affect the thinking ability of the person which may lead to confusion. She may not be able to follow what you are trying to say.


A woman may suffer from pain during the stroke. Major parts where you may have severe pain are chest, limbs and face. You may notice rapid increase of pain with time.

Heart Palpitation

She may notice heart palpitation that is sudden change in rate of heartbeat. It may increase rapidly or at times may become very slow. You should immediately call emergency medical service if you notice sudden changes in heartbeat of the person.

Weakness And Numbness

If the blood clot is present in the artery responsible for supplying blood to that part of the brain which controls movement then you might observe numbness in different parts of the body. In most cases numbness is caused in only one side of the body. It may lead to permanent paralysis if  immediate medical help is not provided.

Other signs of stroke in women are

  • Sudden vision problems
  • nausea and vomiting
  • hiccups
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of balance and coordination
  • dizziness

If you see any signs of stroke in women then immediately call emergency services because every minute is crucial during the stroke. Time and fast diagnosis are the most crucial factors which decide the  chances of survival of patient. For proper treatment it is important to know the cause of the stroke and which part of the brain has been affected. For that doctors may take help of various tests like blood test, CT scan, ECG, MRI scan and physical examination.

The immediate measure to prevent another stroke is to give aspirin. Doctor may also give medications to remove the blood clots or he might remove it mechanically by using a catheter. Another measures which are taken are to widen the arteries by removing the plaques or by compressing the plaque to the wall of artery so that blood can flow without obstruction.

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