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Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Silent Heart attack is mainly caused due to lack of oxygen in the heart. The silent heart attack symptoms are so mild that at times it may go unrecognized. There is no distinguishable symptom as in normal heart attack. You may not experience any severe chest pain due to the attack. About 1/3rd of total heart attacks come under silent heart attack.

The blockage and narrowing of arteries leads to limited oxygen and blood supply to the heart which causes heart attack. Unrecognized heart attack can increase the complications because the damage to the heart is not noticed and not taken care of. Due to this the damage increases and you may face major heart diseases later.

Those who are diabetic are at higher risk of silent heart attack because in their case identifying heart attacks becomes even more difficult. Individuals having higher cholesterol level and blood pressure or suffering from obesity too are at greater risk. The major Silent Heart Attack Symptoms are:

Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Mild Chest Pain:

You won’t feel any intense pain during silent heart attack. You may feel like any pressure is applied on your chest or it is getting squeezed due to some force.

Shortness of Breath:

People face difficulty in breathing properly. The increase in breathing rate and also shortness of breath are vital Silent Heart Attack Symptoms.


As the Heart is unable to pump blood to different parts of the body just before attack you may feel sudden fatigue. You may feel exhausted and unable to do anything.

Nausea and Indigestion:

Pain in the stomach along with tendency to vomit can be caused due to Nausea. If you are having indigestion then it may be a signal that heart attack is approaching.

Mild Dizziness:

Lack of oxygen and blood affects the proper functioning of the brain due to which you may suddenly feel dizzy and also suffer from headache. You will face difficulty in balancing yourself.

Diagnosis for Heart Attack:

Heart attack damages the heart due to which it becomes very important to diagnose whether a person had a heart attack or not. The most effective way is by studying the ECG which shows the activity level of a heart. Any unusual reading may be caused due to a silent heart attack. Testing for the cardiac enzyme too is used to diagnose Silent Heart Attack.

Periodic heart screening can reduce the risk of silent heart attack. Especially, those who are at high risk of heart attack must have their cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked. Thrombolysis and angioplasty can be used to open up the arteries and reduce the risk of heart attack. Silent heart attack symptoms are hard to detect so never ignore even the mildest of symptoms and take medical help immediately. Identifying any damage to heart is very important to avoid further complications.

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