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Skin Whitening – How To Lighten Your Skin at Home

Skin Whitening

Busy lifestyle and outdoor work exposes are sensitive skin to the harsh rays of the blazing sun and makes our skin tanned. Younger skin repairs faster, but after 21, it does not repair as quickly. Dark skin can be an embarrassment for many, but there is nothing to worry about. With these tips and daily habits, your skin will glow as new.

Skin Whitening Daily Routine:

  • Drinking plenty of water is very necessary, especially when you are out in the sun. The skin can lose its moisture if not hydrated, so keep supplying your body with water.
  • Immediately wash your face after returning home so that all the dirt and sweat is removed before it embeds on the skin to darken it. Use a nice cleanser which is very effective for the same.
  • Scrub your face once every week with a good face scrub to remove the dead skin cells which make the skill dull and dark.
  • Always remember to moisturize your skin at night before sleeping. It repairs the damage done to your skin by the sun.
  • Milk is a natural skin whitener and drinking a full glass every night before bed keeps your skin glowing.
  • Facials every weekend are a good idea to retain the glow on your skin.

Skin Whitening Tips:

Homemade Face Wash

  • You don’t need to buy the expensive fancy face washes from the mall. You can use home-made natural ones. A strong face wash is the one made with barley flour. To prepare the paste, pour rose water and lemon juice in a tablespoon of barley or gram flour. Mix it well into a thick paste and then apply it to your wet face. Let it dry and then wash off with cold water.
  • In case you are suffering from recurring pimples, then you can add some ground Azadirachta indica (Neem) leaves to the flour. Doing this will disinfect the skin, thus healing and preventing pimples.
  • If you don’t have barley flour, you can make the above face washes with gram flour too. It works just as fine.

Homemade Facials

  • Put 5 almonds in a glass or jar of water and soak them overnight. Then grind them finely and add 4 teaspoons milk to create a paste. Then apply this paste to your wet face and wash off after half an hour.
  • Mix nigella seed oil (quarter teaspoon) with one tablespoon lemon juice and apply it to your face in the morning. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then use lukewarm water to wash it off.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice with finely grinded ripe tomato and mix well. Apply this mix to your face and wash after 20 minutes with cold water.
  • Apply raw milk to your face and wash after 20minutes with fresh water.
  • Take pure mud mask (1 tablespoon) and mix it with rose water and a teaspoon lemon juice. Mix it well into a paste and then apply it over your face. After it dries, use cold water to wash it off to get a glowing skin.

Homemade Drinks

The skin on our face is the most sensitive and delicate than the skin on any other part of the body. Hence it needs proper care and needs whitening not only from the outside but also from within. Include the following drinks in your daily routine to notice a constant glow on your face.

  • One glass of cold milk every night before sleeping.
  • One glass of warm water every morning with 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice and pure honey mixed in it.
  • Take a glass of water and boil it. Let it cool slightly and add about 4-6 mint leaves in it. Now cover it for around 5 minutes. You can drink this anytime.

Apart from these natural homemade drinks and face packs, you can also follow some popular skin whitening guides, but make sure they are natural. For example, the ‘Skin Whitening Forever’ program is a totally natural program which whitens your skin quickly in only natural ways and permanently, thus avoiding any side effects.

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