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Stomach Pain In Children

Stomach Pain In Children

Stomach pain in children is one of the major concerns of parents. Stomach pain can be caused due to many reasons. It becomes a greater cause of worry when infant is unable to tell his problem and cries continuously and parents are clueless why he is crying. Children need very close attention and you as a parent should be able to understand what is their problem.

In most cases stomach pain is not a major health problem and can be treated with proper medicines. You may notice various other symptoms which show that the child is stomach problem. Child may have fever and vomit several times, he will look ill and weak and. He can also suffer from diarrhea as a result of stomach upset. Major causes of stomach pain in children are listed below

Causes Of Stomach Pain In Children


It is one of the most common cause of stomach pain. Children have a habit of putting anything in their mouth be it sand or chalk. When these harmful substances enter the system it causes poisoning as a result stomach gets upset and he may suffer from  loose motion and vomiting.


Bacterial infection or viral infection can lead to stomach pain. Child should be given proper medication as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts and increasing the complications.

Food Allergy

Many children are having allergies to certain food products, most common are dairy products and nuts. If you are noticing that the child is having problem and showing allergic symptoms after eating a particular food then you should stop feeding him that food permanently.


Infection in the appendix due to bacterias can lead swelling of the appendix causing intense unbearable pain. It requires emergency abdominal surgery and the appendix is removed from the body.

Sore Abdominal Muscles

You must have observed that children complain of stomach pain after playing continuously or doing any activity which requires movement of abdominal muscles. Pain is caused because of the soreness of the abdominal muscles,mostly the pain subsides after some time.

Menstrual Cramps

If  your child has reached puberty and her menstrual cycles have started then the stomach pain may be caused due to the contraction of  uterus. Menstrual cramps is a normal problem of menstrual cycle and is not a major cause of concern until cramps are mild.


Another common cause of stomach pain in children is constipation. Pain can occur anywhere in the abdominal region. Pain will come and go as the colon naturally contracts, trying to move the hard stool along.

There are several ways to provide stomach pain relief. Massage helps in relaxing the muscles, you can also try hot water bath or apply hot compresses on the abdomen to reduce the pain. Menstrual cramps can be cured by taking ibuprofen. Stomach pain in children should be reported to the doctor immediately as it may be a symptom of any major underlying complications.

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