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Stop Smoking Timeline

Stop Smoking Timeline

Smoking and its effects:-

Generally people start smoking due to peer pressure, watching over television or seeing people around him. People continue to smoke because they believe that smoking keeps them relaxed, calm and alert and helps them to improve concentration. As soon as people become a regular smoker they start to become addicted to the nicotine present in cigarettes and this triggers them to smoke regularly.

There are many different chemicals present in cigarettes like nicotine which are poisonous for health and causes several diseases like cancer, lung disease, heart attacks, yellowing of teeth and fingers, grey skin, memory loss etc. Stop smoking timeline is essentially the schedule of changes, effect and benefits after you quit smoking. The positive effect starts immediately after you quit smoking.

Stop Smoking Timeline:-

20 minutes after quitting:-

  • Blood Pressure decreases.
  • Pulse rate normalizes.
  • Body temperature increases.
  • Blood circulation becomes normal.

8 hours after quitting:-

  • Nicotine level falls to 6.25% from 93.25% (common for normal smoker)
  • Damage caused by carbon monoxide reverses and carbon monoxide level decreases from the body hence body energy increases.
  • Brain sends normal impulses through out the body.
  • Blood oxygen level becomes normal.

24 hours after quitting:-

  • Chances of having a heart attack reduces.
  • Body starts to get rid of nicotine.
  • Urge or will to smoke cigarettes increases hence people becomes restless.
  • Hampers concentration level.
  • Dead nerves starts to work normally.
  • Dead taste buds gets activated, so you can sence taste properly.

2 days after quitting:-

  • Cessation anger grows in mind.
  • You get irritated easily.
  • Ability to taste or smell improves.

3 days after quitting:-

  • Entire body becomes 100% nicotine free and over 90% nicotine metabolities passes away from the body as urine.
  • Breathing becomes very much easier.
  • Intensity and craving for cigarettes increases.
  • Bronchial tubes present inside lungs starts to relax ans air sacs starts to be normal.

A week after quitting:

  • Positive effects of not smoking shows.
  • Teeth becomes brighter.
  • Smell improves.
  • Craving for something sweet increases.

2-3 weeks after quitting smoking:-

  • Blood circulation increases.
  • Walking and running becomes very much easier.
  • Production of phlegm in blood decreases.
  • Lungs become clean.
  • Anger, irritation,impatience,insomnia,restlessness and depression ends.
  • Brain acetylcholine receptor response properly as compared to that of a non smoker.

1 year after quitting:-

  • Risk of suffering from coronary heart disease is reduced to half.
  • Risk of suffering from heart disease reduces to half.
  • Probability of getting cancer reduces.

5 years after quitting:-

  • 1.  Risk of suffering from stroke reduces to half.
  • 2. Chance of having a lung cancer reduces by 60%

15 years after quitting:-

  • Risk of coronary heart attack is similar to that of a non-smoker.

In a nutshell stop smoking timeline presents an image about the positive after effects of quitting smoking which starts due to peer pressure or by television or by any other source. A person should stop smoking to live a longer life.

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