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Symptoms Of ADHD In Men

Symptoms Of ADHD In Men

ADHD is one of the most common mental disorder due to which a person is unable to pay attention and  can become hyperactive at times. The intensity of symptoms of ADHD in men may vary from person to person and it affects everyday life of a person and his relationship with others. Almost 4% of men are suffering from ADHD, most of them have it from their childhood. Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder is a hereditary disorder which means it runs in the family. You may also suffer from ADHD if you have trauma or are exposed to toxic chemicals like led for too long.

If a mother consumes alcohol and smokes while she is pregnant then also child may suffer from ADHD. Prevalence of ADHD is more common in boys than girls but in adults both have equal chances of having ADHD. Here are a few common symptoms of ADHD in men

Symptoms Of ADHD In Men


As the name suggests patients are not able to focus for very long, they can get easily distracted. Patient may not be able to pay attention what others are telling to him as a result he may not perform well in his professional life.


Impulsive behavior is a very common symptom of ADHD. He can take snappy decisions without thinking about the consequences. They may take important decisions of their life without considering the future. As a result fights, arguments, marital problems and switching from one job to other is more common in people suffering from ADHD.


If you often have difficulty in recalling where you had kept your keys or documents and can’t remember whether you have done a job or not then you may suffering from ADHD.

Person is disorganized in everyday life and is unable to plan his day properly.


ADHD patients are very impatient by nature. He may interrupt in between conversations and irritate others. Men also are unable to do activities which require long hours of sitting at one place or standing in a long queue.


Patients are hyperactive and restless, they are not able to relax for long. They want to do something or the other every time. They can’t stay calm and may talk to you continuously which may irritate you at times.


ADHD patients can get easily irritated if something is not happening as per their wish. They may become violent and overreact to the situation. When they are made to sit too long then also they can get irritated.

Diagnosis of ADHD is quiet confusing because many symptoms of ADHD in men also occur in other mental disorder like mood disorder. ADHD has a huge impact on your life in every phase so it is important to get treated as soon as possible to have a stable marital  and better professional life. Doctors diagnose ADHD by ruling out other possible disorders and reviewing the symptoms and history of the patient.

Proper treatment of ADHD is possible with combination of medications and psychotherapy. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers are very helpful during mood swings. You can also take help of yoga and other therapies to improve attentiveness and patience.

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