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Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia is the medical term referred when the glucose(sugar) level in one’s body rises high to a considerable level temporarily. High blood sugar is known as the hyperglycemia. The low blood sugar in one’s body is called hypoglycemia.

The food we eat has glucose contents. When we eat food, the food is digested and the glucose is  released from the food into the blood cells. These glucose contents is to be distributed to each and every cell of the body to produce energy. To transport the glucose to every part of the body, it requires a carrier to carry it to the specified destination. Insulin, a hormone released by the pancreas helps in transporting the glucose contents to every cell of the body. The insulin is released by the pancreas depending upon the level of glucose(sugar) content in the blood.

The persons suffering from diabetes, faces the problem of high blood sugar. The pancreas stop producing insulin and thus the insulin content is not enough to transport the glucose to different parts of the body. So the glucose(sugar) remains in the blood and result in high blood sugar in the body.

Being aware of the symptoms of high blood sugar would help in staying alert from the consequences. Some of which would be:-

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination
  • Dry skin
  • Weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Increasing appetite
  • Slow healing of wounds

Some of the causes of high blood sugar are as follows

  • Eating more food than the diet plan.
  • Infections
  • Illness
  • Taking less insulin, in case you are a diabetes patient.

The treatment for the high blood sugar can be achieved by following the diet plan. High blood sugar may happen due to some kind of illness or infections, which needs to be treated to control the affect. High blood sugars in the body can cause loss of fluids inside the body. These fluids and body salts are essential for the mechanism of our various organ systems, thus should be replaced against the lost amount.

The high blood sugars in the body should be treated at the earliest possible since this may cause serious health problems. The high blood sugar may damage the blood vessels  that provides blood to different organs of the body.

Hyperglycemia thus can cause serious issues involving heart diseases and strokes, kidney diseases, and vision problems. The blood sugar levels vary adversely throughout the day and night in the people suffering from diabetes. Blood sugar level in the body increases to high rate after a meal. Some people therefore starve to control the blood sugar level in their body or you can say by following a certain planned diet.

Usually the blood sugar level in the body of a diabetes person may range from 130 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL. High blood sugar levels for several hours may result in dehydration and can also generate more serious complications. By now you must have been aware of the symptoms of high blood sugar in the body. By going through above mentioned precautions and treatments one can easily overcome such problems.

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