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Teenage Depression Statistics

Teenage Depression Statistics

Teenage Depression has become a major problem in our society which has reached at alarming levels in present generation. Teenage Depression Statistics show that about 20% of teenagers are suffering from depression. Teenage Depression was not a severe problem just a decade ago but due to several factors like stressful life, high competition level, increasing use of alcohol and drugs the number of teenagers suffering from depression have increased.

Other factors which cause depression are rapid hormonal changes, abuse and other medical conditions. About 30% depressed teenagers have a family history of depression. You will be shocked to see the Teenage Depression Statistics which are far more worse than our expectations.

  • The number of girls suffering from depression is double than that of boys. The major reason of this inequality is due to abuse and discrimination with girls and also the hormonal changes.
  • About 5% teenagers are suffering from major depression. They may even have a suicidal tendency.
  • The number of teens who suffer from depression for a year or so is 8% which is much greater in comparison to adults.
  • About 50% of those suffering from depression are also having another mental disorder.
  • Every 7 out 10 teenagers has multiple episodes of depression before they become adult.
  • Teenagers often become drug addicts or smokers due to depression and the numbers of teens who do so are as high as 30% presently. This makes the condition even worse because it gives only momentary relief but causes other long term health complications.
  • Depression can increase the suicidal tenancy by 12 times in a teenager. Suicide has become the third major reason of death in teenagers.
  • A major problem detected from Teenage Depression Statistics is that the number of teenagers having treatment for depression has dropped from 40% to 35% within 5 years.

Treatment of depression in teenagers is very effective which is proved by the fact that according to Teenage Depression Statistics  80% of teenagers who are taking professional help are successfully treated. According to present trends many believe that depression will become the second most common health problem in the world. Parents should be very cautious and notice whether their child is showing any depression symptoms. They should be close to their children and talk to them. This may prevent the chances of child feeling lonely and become a drug addict later on.

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