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The Major Question Does Abortion Hurt?

Does Abortion Hurt

A woman who is wanting to have an abortion is going through lots of stress and has several questions in her mind. Does abortion hurt? And is there any long term side effects of abortion? are one of the major questions related to abortion. Strictly speaking there is no exact answer as how much it will pain depends largely on the methods of abortion, stage of pregnancy and how properly the surgery has been done.

Abortion not only hurts physically but can also affect you psychologically. Doctor may say that it is totally safe and there won’t be any pain but the fact remains that you are most likely to have pain. The intensity of pain varies in every individual and few may not have face much problem after the abortion.

Abortion performed by trained medical professionals are generally safe but as with every surgery there are risks with surgical abortion as well. In spite  of using anesthesia before the surgical procedure there are high chances that you will feel pain similar to menstrual cramps after the surgery. The surgery hardly takes half an hour. You may feel pain when the doctor gives a numbing shot in the cervix but it hardly lasts for a minute. After that the cramps may start and last for few days and it may get worse at times.  Major complications due to abortion happen in only 1 out of every 500 cases.

Complications of surgical abortion are infection, which can be caused due to cuts or when some part of the baby or placenta is left inside the womb, excessive bleeding or haemorrhage and tearing of the womb and damage to the bowel and bladder which may require surgery afterward. However, these complications rarely happen. You must have the surgery done from a highly trained and experienced doctor to minimize the risks of abortion.

Medical abortion is effective in almost 95% cases and is used within 8 weeks of pregnancy. In this method abortion pills, mostly mifepristone and misoprostol are used to block hormone which is important for pregnancy and induce uterus to expel out the baby. You may suffer from cramping, nausea, fever and excessive bleeding.

Even the baby can feel the pain during abortion. It has been observed that a 2 months baby has sensation around its face and can feel a needle and draw back. So abortion hurts you and your baby as well. But the pain due to abortion is nothing in comparison to excruciating labor pain. You may feel relieved emotionally after getting rid of the unwanted pregnancy but you may feel sad and regret about your decision afterward. The thought of killing a living being can be quiet depressing and you may feel guilty.

Every medical procedure has risks and can hurt at times, same is with abortion. If you are worrying about does abortion hurt?  Then the best thing you can do is to go to a well known experienced doctor having proper facilities. You will surely be much safer under proper supervision. If you are going for home abortion methods then it can hurt quiet badly so it is better to avoid it. Cramping is quiet normal and it will reside within few days. However if you are having excessive bleeding and cramps are not stopping even after several days then you should talk to your doctor immediately.

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