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The Most Common Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

The tonsil Cancer symptoms are not very significant at the initial stages but eventually becomes critical and difficult to treat. Tonsil cancer can develop in the lingual, pharyngeal or palatine tonsils. The symptoms vary with the location of the cancer.  Tonsil is responsible for building a strong immune system however, the relevance of tonsil decreases with age. The initial symptoms is a lump in the throat which is due to accumulation of excessive cells. This may be accompanied with bleeding and bad breath.

Tonsil cancer is easier to cure if you  identify symptoms and never underestimate any kind of complications in the throat and you should consult a specialist at once.

Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

Bleeding Gums:

The gum bleeding is a common  Tonsil Cancer Symptom. The bleeding generally occurs  when you eat or brush or when any pressure is put on the teeth and gums. This can lead to infections in the mouth.

Lump In The Throat:

A lump in the throat and soreness or feeling that something is stuck in the throat which  persist for a long time is a distinctive symptom of Throat Cancer. This occurs because of accumulation of cells in the throat due to the cancer. The sore is visible when you open the mouth and the size has increased.

Ear Pain:

The throat and ear are connected so any kind of abnormalities in the throat also affects the ear. Immense pain is observed in both or single ear which continues for many days.

Uneasiness  In Swelling:

Due to lump in the throat it becomes difficult to engulf the food.  The food habits of the patients changes, they switch to liquid foods so that they can avoid chewing which causes bleeding and engulf larger chunks of food.

No Taste Senses:

The person is unable to distinguish between tastes and even  taste of foods is altered. This is one of the initial Tonsil Cancer Symptoms. Eventually the taste vanishes and person can’t feel any taste.

Bad Breath:

Due to the various infections and bleeding in the gums, a consistent foul smell comes out from the mouth. The smell remains even after rinsing mouth regularly and brushing after the meals. Use of mouth fresheners can  help in reducing the foul smell.

Hoarseness In Voice:

The voice quality of the patient changes due to the the growing tumor. Hoarseness in voice   is a symptom of Tonsil Cancer. Person faces difficulty while speaking.

Tonsil cancer is a very serious disease which can lead to death of a person if the Tonsil Cancer Symptoms are not diagnosed and treated at the early stages. We should maintain proper oral hygiene, avoid tobacco and control alcohol consumption because these increase the risk of tonsil cancer. Proper fitting dentures should be used because it can cause gum problems which may lead to problem in the tonsil. General awareness about the symptoms should be created so that early diagnosis is possible and many lives can be saved.

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