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The Most Shocking Anti Abortion Facts

Anti Abortion Facts

Abortion is one of the most debated topics presently and there are many groups who are showing there concerns and protests against killing a life even before getting birth. However, arguments for abortion vary. One of the most shocking anti abortion facts is that almost 90%  of women go for abortion only for their own convenience. People have several reasons for abortion but the fact remains you are killing a life and it is not acceptable in any society.

There are many side effects of abortion so you are not only killing a unborn child but you are also putting your health into risk. It is immoral to use abortion as another form of contraceptive.

  • When asked about why the person is opting for abortion, 10% had health issue, 1% of them were victims of rape while rest of them were did it for personal choice. Either it was unwanted or it was inconvenient for them.
  • Another major concern related to abortion are almost 45% of abortion are either done illegally in places where it is restricted or people go for home abortions methods which can high chances of going wrong, putting mother’s life to danger. The illegal abortions are mainly done in unhygienic conditions.
  • More than physical effects, psychological effects are more common and are more far reaching. It can cause undue stress and depression.
  • One of the most worst risks of abortion is cancer. Studies show that almost abortion increases the chances of cervical and uterine cancer by two times and can also lead to breast cancer in several cancer.
  • About 23% of pregnancies end in abortion, currently about 40 million babies die every year which means in every 2 second 1 baby is being aborted.
  • Even in case of rape proper medical measures can be taken to ensure that the person does not get pregnant. Using contraceptives at the right time can help prevent from getting pregnant.
  • About 70% of women who are going for abortion are below 25 years and and a major part of them are teenagers. They do not have the life experience do think correctly and responsibly. Most decisions are made instantly or under pressure from their partners and society. Many regret their decision lifelong.
  • Reports state that maternal mortality from abortion is 4.8% of all maternal deaths and in most cases it is due to illegal abortion.

Every thing has its pros and cons, it finally comes to you what you are deciding. Anti abortion facts show only one side of abortion, no doubt there are benefits of abortion due to which so many people are going for it but still if possible try to avoid it. If a child is unwanted and you find yourself incapable of supporting a baby financially then you give the baby to families who are interested to adapt babies. Instead of doing a crime by killing a baby you should give it to interested people.

There are millions of families who want to adapt child because they are unable to have their own child due to medical reasons. It will also prevent abortion related physical and psychological complications.

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