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Trapezius Muscle Pain Causes And Symptoms

Trapezius Muscle Pain

Trapezius muscle pain is one of the earliest symptoms of stress in our body. It can also be caused due to improper posture or injuries. Trapezius muscle is located in the posterior of the upper torso. It mainly controls the movement of head, neck, shoulder blades and also supports the arms. The patient may suffer from pain and stiffness in the muscle due to which movements of other body parts like neck and arms which are controlled by Trapezius muscles is also hampered.

Trapezius Muscle Pain

Causes Of Trapezius Muscle Pain


The muscle pain can be triggered by mental stress and anxiety. Researches show that women have more tension than men so they are more prone to Trapezius Muscle Pain.

Desk Work

If you have to do continuous desk work or sit on a computer for hours at a stretch then your trapeziums muscles may sore which can cause intense pain in the back, close to the neck.

Carrying Loads

Carrying huge load on the shoulders puts excessive pressure on the Trapezius muscles. This can lead to soreness of the muscle and pain.


During car accidents our neck is snapped back and forwards. Due to this sudden rapid movement our Trapezius muscles can get damaged. Even sportsperson mainly related to games like rugby and wrestling are at higher risk of suffering from Trapezius Muscle Pain.


Improper postures during office work or in home are major reasons of muscles pains. Sleeping in an awkward posture and using uncomfortable pillow can lead to pain in the neck.

Symptoms of Trapezius Muscle Pain

Problem In Neck Movement

You may feel pain when you try to see sideways. This is caused due to soreness of the Trapezius muscles which restricts the neck movement and you won’t be able to turn up to your maximum capacity.

Shoulder Movement

Trapezius muscles controls and supports the shoulder and arm movements. As a result of lack of flexibility due to the damage in Trapezius muscles you won’t be able to move your shoulders and arms with ease.

Spine Pain

The muscle movement gets restricted due to the tightening of the muscle tissues. The upper spine is unable to support the sore muscles. Lack of support to the muscles leads to pain throughout the spine.

Other symptoms include dizziness, headache, jaw pain and intolerance to weight on the shoulders.

Treatment Of Trapezius Muscle Pain

The muscle can be easily treated by making few lifestyle changes and medications.

Proper Posture

Always keep a proper body posture when you are sleeping or working on the computer. Most of the muscle pain are caused due to improper posture.


Strengthen your neck and shoulder by doing exercise focused on these parts. It will increase muscles ability to handle stress and pressure. Rowing machines and upper body exercises are found to be very effective in decreasing the pain.


Stretching the muscles can help in decreasing the pain however, professional advice must be taken before stretching because you may harm the muscles even more if you overstretch the muscles.


One of the most effective way to decrease muscle pains, massage can provide instant relief from the Trapezius Muscle Pain. You can opt for professional massage specialist or you can do it on your own.

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