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Types Of Kidney Diseases In Humans

Types Of Kidney Diseases

Kidney disease can refer to any kind of condition in the body which affects the proper functioning of kidney. The list of types of kidney diseases is very long because of the fact that it is a very important organ and has to perform major functions of the body. The most important function of kidney is to filter the blood from impurities, excess salts and water which is then excreted from the body in form of urine. Other functions include controlling the blood pressure of the body, triggering red blood cell production and maintaining the level of liquid in the body.

Different types of kidney diseases can broadly be categorized as chronic and acute kidney diseases. Chronic diseases are caused due to continuous deterioration of kidney mainly because of unhealthy habits or other diseases while acute diseases are deterioration in the functioning of the kidney within few days, caused mainly due to toxic substances, urine tract obstruction and shocks.

Types of kidney diseases


Patient suffers from inflammation of kidney which is caused due to infection in the kidney. Patient suffer from severe pain and many a times you may notice blood with the urine. It is a chronic disease.

Kidney Stones

Very common problem related to kidney, the stones form in the kidney as a result of high level of uric acid and calcium oxalate in the urine. If treatment is delayed the stones may cause infection because it provides right conditions for growth of bacterias. Stones can either be taken out by operation or dissolved with the help of  medication.


In this disease blood comes out with urine of the patient. Blood may or may not be visible through naked eyes. It is mainly caused due to vigorous exercise,sexual activities blood clots or viral illness and infections.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

It is the most common inherited kidney disease. Numerous cysts grow in the kidney which causes inflammation of kidney. Main symptoms of Polycystic kidney disease is blood in the urine, high blood pressure, stone in kidney and urinary tract infection. It may cause total kidney failure.


As the name suggests the disease is characterized by deposition of calcium in the kidney due to high level of calcium in the blood. You may experience severe pain in the surrounding areas and nausea, blood in urine along with fever and cold.


It is the most common tumor of the kidney. It is generally found in patients suffering from tuberousclersis which is a genetic disease. The patients suffers from severe pain and vomits when the dilated blood vessels rupture.

Medullary Sponge Kidney

It is a birth defect which shows its symptoms only after you reach 30 years. Due to formation of cysts in the medulla the urine is unable to flow freely through the tubules. Medullary Sponge kidney symptoms includes kidney stones, infection and blood in the urine, it may cause kidney failure as well.

The treatment of disease varies according to the Type of  Kidney disease, cause and duration of the disease. Major advancements have been done in the treatment of kidney diseases due to which the success rate of treatment in recent past has increased. Deuratic medication helps the body to excrete more water and salt and control swelling of kidney. In later stages dialysis and kidney transplantation are the only option left by which patient can survive. In hemodialysis the blood is purified through a machine.

Patients can survive for years with the help of hemodialysis. About 80% kidney transplants are completely successful. Do not take time in consulting a doctor because one disease may lead to the other. More you delay, more will be the complications.

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