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The Most Common Types Of Mood Disorders

Types Of Mood Disorders

Mood Disorder is the frequent disturbance in the psychological state of a person. Types Of Mood Disorders can be broadly classified into two categories- Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. This division is done on the basis of whether the patient has one emotional state or two emotional states. The main symptoms of Mood Disorder is depression along with feeling of loneliness and lack of energy.

Various researches show that the disorders are due to chemical imbalance in the brain. These depression are related to different crisis situation a person faces. The Mood Disorder can be differentiated from normal everyday mood changes by the duration and intensity of the sadness. It becomes very difficult for a person to live with mood disorder, he can’t concentrate on anything neither does he enjoys his life. The list given below is about the types and subtypes of Mood Disorders.

Types Of Mood Disorders

Depressive Disorder

This Type of Mood Disorder is characterized by feeling of sadness, low esteem and loss of interest in any pleasurable activities. This can continue for several months or even years. After more than one episode the patient is diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. This means there are recurring phases of depression. The patients are at high risk of committing suicide. It is also known as unipolar depression.  There are several subtypes of Depressive Disorder listed below

  • Atypical Depression

The major symptoms of Atypical are hypersomnia that is patient sleeps too much and weight gain. They are very sensitive to rejection due to which they have disturbed life.

  • Psychotic Depression

Patients experiences hallucination. He sees objects which actually do not exist. Weight loss is another major symptom. The person looses interest from everything and has a feel of guilt.

  • Catatonic Depression

Patient has problem in controlling his movement which leads to improper movement. In worse cases it can lead to total immobility.

Bipolar Disorder

As the name suggests the disorder consists of two poles which involves periods of mania and depression. Main characteristics of this disorder are manic episodes, in which the person has  extremely  elevated mood. He can be extremely impulsive and dangerous during  the attacks but he can’t remember his actions after the attack. They may have delusional thoughts and compulsive behaviors like excessive spending, too much alcohol consumption. Other symptoms include fatigue and lack of motivation.

Cyclothymic Disorder

This is a form of Bipolar Disorder The symptoms are mainly depression which stays for long period but are milder in nature. The symptoms of Cyclothymic disorder are cyclic or recurring.

Substance Induced Disorder

This disorder is triggered due to excessive alcohol consumption. It is also related to drugs which causes mood swings.

Without proper treatment the different Types Of Mood Disorders can affect the everyday life of the patient. Consult a psychiatrist who will prescribe proper medication to reduce the symptoms like mood stabilizers and antidepressants. Proper counseling is very important because the patient have high suicidal tendency and can become very aggressive at times. Proper support from family and society plays a vital role in making them feel comfortable and good about themselves.

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