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7 Major Typhoid Fever Symptoms

Typhoid Fever Symptoms

Typhoid fever is caused by a specific type of bacteria called Salmonella. Typhoid fever symptoms generally starts with fever which may range from 100 -104O F. The major cause of spread of typhoid fever is the unhygienic condition of a place due to which it is a very rare fever in developed countries while it is still common in other parts of the world.

Salmonella bacteria enters your body through contaminated food and water. It then spreads through the bloodstream  to different parts of the body like intestine, stomach, liver and various other parts. There may not be any visible symptoms within few days after the bacteria had entered the body. People with weak immune system are more prone to the fever due to which it is more common in children.

It can spread very easily because even after the symptoms have gone, 10% of the patients remain potential carriers of the bacteria. The bacteria may be present in the faeces  of the patient and so person may contaminate food if he touches the food without washing his hands properly after going to the toilet.

Major Typhoid Fever Symptoms

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is one of the most common typhoid fever symptoms. It is caused due to severe swelling of abdomen.  The pain may persist for 3-4 weeks due to which you may have difficulty in your routine life.

Digestion Problems

When the bacterias spread in the digestive system it may affect it badly causing you to suffer from constipation, diarrhea and nausea. Due to this you may feel exhausted and lack of energy.


One of the first typhoid fever symptoms, you may suffer from fever because the body temperature increases when the immune system opposes the foreign bacteria from spreading in the body. Typhoid fever generally lasts for a month.

Weight Loss

Due to diarrhea and loss of appetite as a result of fever you may observe weight loss after 1 or 2 weeks of the fever. Weight loss continues throughout the duration of fever.


Weakness is another very common symptom of typhoid fever. Due to high fever you will feel tired and exhausted. Also due to lack of appetite, body does not get the required nutrients to function properly. In serious conditions patient may lie motionless.


It is a general symptom which accompanies any kind of fever. Headache may be recurring, its intensity may vary with time and temperature of the body.

Mental Confusion

Person may have difficulty to know where he is, he will feel confused and may not be able to tell difference between reality and imagination which  happens in rare cases, mostly in the fourth week of fever.

You must call a doctor as soon as you notice the typhoid fever symptoms. Doctor generally uses stool culture and urine culture to verify the presence of salmonella bacteria in the body. Once diagnosed, they prescribe various antibiotics like ciprofloxacin which can be given in form of tablets or injections. Presently vaccines are available for typhoid fever. Taking general precautions like keeping surroundings clean and avoiding consuming food from unhygienic places can considerably reduce the risk of  typhoid fever.

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