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Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

Vaginal cancer is one of the rarest case of cancer in women, it is a disease in which cancerous cell form in the vagina.  Vaginal cancer symptoms appear at the final stages of the cancer due to which early diagnosis of vaginal cancer becomes difficult. Cancer cells multiply rapidly and accumulate to form tumor in vagina.

Four types of vaginal cancer are adenocarcinoma which affects the glandular cells, squamous cell carcinoma in which cancer forms on the flat cells lining of vagina called squamous cells,vaginal melanoma and vaginal sarcoma. Risk of vaginal cancer increases with age and is more common in women above 50 years. If a mother uses a DES drug which is used to prevent miscarriage then the child may develop vaginal cancer when she grows old. Also if you have cervical cancer or HIV then you are at higher risk of suffering from the cancer.

Women who had sex at early age, or has multiple sex partner and smokes regularly have greater chances of suffering from the disease. Major symptoms of vaginal cancer are mentioned below

Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

Vaginal Discharge

Person may notice excessive vaginal vaginal discharge if she is suffering from vaginal cancer. Vaginal discharge is a clear liquid which is  common  in women.


Women who are having vaginal cancer will notice blood coming out of the their vagina after having sex. If you are having postmenopausal bleeding then you may be suffering from cancer vaginal cancer. It is one of the first symptoms of vaginal cancer.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is caused when the tumor size has increased considerably and the cancer cells are affecting several surrounding tissues. Intensity of pain may change with time, you may have sharp pains for small interval of time.


You might have the urge to urinate more frequently. You may also observe blood in your urine if you are having vaginal cancer. Person has intense pain and burning sensation in her vagina while urinating.


You can feel lumps or ulcers in the vulva which can be caused due to several reasons. One of the reasons in formation of cyst, these lumps may remain for prolonged period. The affected person may also notice warts or rashes in the vulva.

In order to check for the cancerous cells in vagina doctors may for  physical examination, biopsy, pelvic examination, checking the vaginal cancer symptoms and colposcopy. Treatment of vaginal cancer depends on stage of the cancer and type of vaginal cancer. Surgery is the most common treatment of cancer in which part of vagina or complete vagina is removed. Vagina can be reconstructed using tissues from other parts of the body. Doctors can also opt for laser surgery to remove the tumor from the body.

Radiation therapy is a very effective in killing the cancerous cells without affecting the surrounding tissues. In radiation therapy high powered energy beams are directed on the tumor. Chemotherapy is generally used in combination with other techniques to treat vaginal cancer.

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