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Very Common Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Seasonal allergies refers to those allergies whose symptoms appear at a particular time or season of the year especially spring when the pollen count is high in the atmosphere. People who are allergic to pollens suffer from seasonal allergy. Seasonal allergy symptoms are caused because the immune system assumes the pollens to be toxic to the body so it tries to protect us either by expelling the allergen or trapping it or blocking the allergen from entering by swelling certain body areas. When allergens enter the body the histamine level goes high causing various problems in the body.

The symptoms continue until the allergens are inside the body and mostly it lasts for 1-2 months. A person is at higher risk of being allergic to the pollens if his parent was also allergic. Seasonal allergy affects people who are suffering from other breathing complications like asthma or eczema. Symptoms generally affect after 10 yrs and reaches its peak at 20 years but as the person grows older the symptoms are very rare. Here are a few seasonal allergies symptoms.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Runny Nose

Runny nose is one of the most common and first seasonal allergies symptoms. You may notice clear liquid coming out of the nose frequently. This is caused when the allergens enter the nostrils and causes irritation and inflammation of the nasal passage.


If a person is allergic to pollens then he may sneeze very often. Sneezing is triggered by the high level of histamines in an attempt to expel out the allergen from the body.

Postnasal Drip

It refers to excess secretion of mucus from the nasal cavities and it accumulates in the pharynx which causes a feeling of obstruction and difficulty in breathing along with an unpleasant taste.

Eye Problem

When pollens enter your eyes it may cause intense pain and irritation in the eyes. You may notice reddening of one of the eyes . You can also have watery eye which may help to remove the pollen grains from the eye.


You may suffer from cough if you are having seasonal allergy. Coughing is caused due to the inflammation and irritation of nasal passage and throat which causes accumulation of excess mucus in the body. The excess cough comes out of the body when you cough.

Difficulty In Breathing

Due to inflammation of the nasal passage and accumulation of the mucus the passage gets blocked and narrowed as a result person may suffer from shortness of breath. You may also notice wheezing sound while breathing.


Due to the various symptoms and fever as well as stress due to the symptoms a person may have a headache. Due to which he may be able to sleep properly which may cause tiredness and weakness in the person.

A doctor can diagnose whether you are suffering from seasonal allergy by studying the various seasonal allergies symptoms and he may also take help of blood test to check for the IgE antibody which is produced by the body when it comes in contact with the allergens. You can get rid of the symptoms by taking antihistamines which suppresses the level of histamines in the body. You can also get relief by using decongestants or nasal sprays.

Eye drops are effective in reducing the irritation and reddening of the eye. If you are allergic to the pollens take precautionary measures like keep the windows and doors closed and cover your nose when you are going out.

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