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What Are The Bipolar Symptoms In Women

Bipolar Symptoms In Women

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental disorder due to which patient may have periods of extreme mood swings. It affects both men and women; however, bipolar symptoms in women are more common because of the major hormonal changes in different stages of life. Bipolar symptoms in women can be caused due to thyroid problem, head trauma which may cause blood clot in the brain, brain tumor, sodium imbalance and stress.

There are certain chemicals called neurotransmitters which control the functioning of brain. During these manic periods the level of these chemicals increases causing extreme mood swings. Certain diseases which increase the chances of bipolar disorder in a person are AIDS, neurosyphilies, diabetes and even medications can lead bipolar disorder. If any member of the family is suffering from bipolar disorder then the risk of you suffering from the disease increases.

Bipolar Symptoms In Women:


Patients may see unreal objects which do not exist, the condition is also called as hallucination or they may even have false beliefs during these manic attacks.


During rapid mood swings patient may become hyperactive, she will take major financial and personal decisions without thinking. You can also observe gestures like tapping feet or the person will move around rapidly. They can be very productive during this phase.

Speaking Problem:

You will tend to speak very fast which becomes difficult for others to understand and   jump from one subject to other  which won’t make sense and due to this it becomes difficult to communicate with others.

Suicidal Tendency:

During the bipolar disorder phase the patient may become overconfident and believe that they are immortal due to which they can do certain life threatening activities like jumping from a height or putting themselves on fire which can be fatal. The suicidal tendency can also get triggered due to severe depression and person does not want to live anymore.

Substance Abuse:

High dosage of harmful drugs like cocaine and more than usual consumption of alcohol by women suffering from bipolar disorder has been observed. This exaggerates the mood and the situation can become much more critical. They may become dependent on the drugs for rest of their life.


The person can get easily irritated and may find himself in middle of a fight and arguments. She may show aggressive behavior which can become very problematic for people around her because she will tend to create chaos once she is upset.

Sleeping Problem:

Many of the people are unable to sleep because of the mood swings, situation is called as insomnia while few may sleep too much that is they may suffer from hyper somnolence.

Bipolar symptoms in women can be diagnosed by reviewing the family history, studying the symptoms and taking help of CT scans and a complete physical examination to check for the enlarged glands. Proper treatment of Bipolar disorder is possible with combination of medications and therapy sessions. Mood stabilizers and antidepressants can be given to reduce the mood swings.

You must consult a psychiatrist who can counsel you, discuss about the main problems and help in controlling the mood swings. It is better to hospitalize the person during manic attacks for the safety of the person and people around her. Proper support from friends and family plays a vital role in making the person feel better and reduction of manic attacks.

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