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What Are The Cat Allergies Symptoms

Cat Allergies Symptoms

Cat allergies account for most number of cases of pet allergies which is almost double of dog allergies and almost 10% of pet owners have allergy from their pet. Cat allergies symptoms may appear within few minutes after coming in contact with a cat. You may notice only 2 or 3 symptoms at a time due to which it becomes very difficult to know the cause of the symptoms. Interestingly, it is not the fur which causes the allergic symptoms, people are generally allergic to the urine, dry flakes of skin, also called as dander and urine.

When the immune system mistakenly identifies dander as harmful substance to the body which results in increased level of histamine in the body which is responsible for triggering the various allergic symptoms. Cat can also increase the risk of other allergic problems as it may carry dust particles and pollens in its fur. About 30% asthma patients have flare ups after they are come close to a cat. Major cat allergy symptoms are listed below

Cat Allergies Symptoms


You may notice itchy red patches on the skin in several parts of your body. Rashes and hives mostly appears on the chest and face. If the cat has licked or scratched you then that part may turn red if you are allergic to cats.

Eye Problem

There are several symptoms which affect your eyes like you may have watery eyes, swollen and puffy eyes. Redness of eye, itching and burning sensation in the eye are few other cat allergy symptoms.

Ringing and Clogged Up Ear

People who are allergic to cat may have clogged ears after coming in contact with a cat. The person may also hear unusual ringing sound for prolonged period.

Sneezing and Sore Throat

Sneezing is one of the most common  symptom which appears in a person who is allergic to cats. You might suffer from sore throat and itchiness in the throat.

Coughing and Wheezing

People who are allergic to cats might suffer from coughing when a cat comes in close proximity. You may also suffer from wheezing because the airways get narrowed up and inflamed in an attempt to stop the allergen from entering the body.

Runny Nose

The person may suffer from runny nose when the skin flakes of the cat enters the body. In addition to runny nose you might have a itchy and clogged nose.

If you have doubt that you are allergic to cats then you can verify it by keeping the cat outside the house for few weeks and cleaning all the things which came in contact with the cat and if you notice improvement in your problems means the symptoms are caused due to cat allergy. In case you noticed cat allergies symptoms recently you can make several changes in your lifestyle so that you can live with the cat without facing much problem.

Keep safe distance from the cat, never hug it and restrict the cat to certain places of the house. Keep your cat clean and try to keep it the cat outdoors. However, the best option is to not have the cat in the house. You can get instant relief from the symptoms by using antihistamines, decongestants or inhalers.

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