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What Are The Radon Poisoning Symptoms

Radon Poisoning Symptoms

Radon is a radioactive colorless and odorless gas which is released due to decomposition of uranium in rock and salts. There are no clear Radon Poisoning Symptoms due to which the diagnosis becomes very difficult. The symptoms are closely related to other respiratory diseases. When you inhale the radioactive radon particles and it enters lungs then it can lead to lung cancer. As a matter of fact radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Radon exposure does not produce immediate symptoms. It may happen that you notice that you are suffering from radon poisoning once you have lung cancer. If you are living in an area of high Radon level than you must undergo Radon Test when you notice the following Radon Poisoning Symptoms.

Radon Poisoning Symptoms

Difficulty In Breathing

When a person inhales the radioactive particles it damages the bronchi and alveoli which are the basic functional units of lungs. Due to this lungs can’t work properly which leads to difficulty in breathing. Patient suffers from shortness of breath.

Pain In Chest

You may feel extreme pain in the chest if you are exposed to high radon level atmosphere for long period of time. This is due to the accumulation of the radioactive particles in the lungs which enters in our body with the air which we inhale.

Blood in Cough

The cough gets worse over time and often blood comes out with cough. This symptom is noticed at the crucial stages of the poisoning. This is a major indicator of presence of radon in the body.

Hoarseness And Wheezing

Patient has a abnormal rough and hoarse sounding voice due to damage to the vocal organs of the body by the Radon. Patient also produces a wheezing sound when he breaths. This can be an alarming signal that you are at high risk to lung cancer so immediately consult a specialist.

Lung Infection

Due to damage to the cells of the lungs by radon, patient suffers from lung infection. If not treated at right time it can lead to severe health complications. So if you are diagnosed with Lungs Infection and you are exposed to Radon, go for test to check for radon level.

Radon is naturally produced so it is a radioactive material which can be present anywhere. You must take professional help to check for radon level in your area. Avoid smoking if you are living in a high radon level region as their combination increases the risk of lung cancer. You can effectively prevent radon from entering the house by techniques like sub-slab depressurization in which air in ventilated out from beneath the foundation.

Since there are no specific Radon Poisoning Symptoms, you must go for tests to check for radon poisoning every 6 months. Nowadays, even home test kits are available to test for radon. People are unaware that they are inhaling radon from air so it is very important to increase awareness among people and organize regular radon level tests.

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