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What Are The Rheumatism Symptoms

Rheumatism Symptoms

Rheumatism refers to various medical problems and pain in the joints and the connecting tissues.  Rheumatism Symptoms can range from mild pain to severely disabling symptoms. It mainly causes pain and swelling in various joints of our body. It is a general term used for diseases which are related to arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases.

The main cause of Rheumatism is the improper functioning of our immune system. It harms the healthy tissues of the body and causes inflammation in the joints when it attacks the synovial fluid, a gel like fluid on the lining of the tissues present in the joints. As a result of the thickening of the fluid the joints may be misaligned causing extreme and chronic pain.

Rheumatism symptoms generally show up after you cross 40 years. However, lately rheumatism in children has also been observed. Women are more susceptible of suffering from rheumatism in comparison to men. Major rheumatism symptoms are:

Rheumatism Symptoms:


As it is a disease caused due to malfunctioning of immune system, you may observe rise in body temperature during the onset of the diseases. However, body temperature normalizes after few days.

Joint Pain:

You may suffer from joint pain of varying intensity due to the inflammation of the joints. It comes in form of flare ups. At times it becomes necessary to take medication to control the unbearable pain. Pain can be triggered even by little movement of the joints or even if little pressure is applied on it because the tissues become very sensitive. You will face difficulty in standing or walking. Pain is mostly localized however, at times you suffer from pain in different parts of the body.

Joint Stiffness:

Joints of the body lose their flexibility as a result of damage to the tissues. You may suffer from constrained movement and won’t be able to bend the joints to its maximum. Intense pain while trying to sit or stand along with stiffness in the joints when a person wakes up in the morning are some major rheumatism symptoms.

Swelling of Joints:

Accumulation of liquid in the joints can cause swelling of the joints also the damage to the tissues as a result of thickening of the fluids can lead to inflammation. The inflamed area is very sensitive to touch and surrounding area of joints may turn red. It is the characteristic Rheumatism symptom.


Due to severe pain, patient is unable to get proper sleep due to which he may feel tired for the whole day. Working efficiency of patient decreases because he can’t perform many activities due to problem in movement and as a result of pain they can get easily tired, hence they can’t work for very long.

Rheumatism symptoms should not be ignored at any condition because it may lead to permanent misalignment of joints or denudation of bones. It can’t be rectified once the damage is done so it is better to take professional help at initial stages to curb the rheumatism symptoms and stop them from increasing. Certain lifestyle changes like proper diet, exercise and rest along with medication can help to control the symptoms and lead a normal life.

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