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What Are The Sports Hernia Symptoms

Sports Hernia Symptoms

Sports Hernia is also known as Athletic Pubalgia, it is an injury in the groins due to tear and strain of any tissues in the lower abdomen or groin area. Sports Hernia Symptoms are easy to identify as it is characterized by major pain in the groin and lower abdomen region of the body. Sportsperson who are related to games like football, swimming, rugby and athletics are commonly affected by Hernia due to strenuous exercises and heavy pressure on the groin region of the body. It is more common among men as compared to women.

The pain usually decreases once you take rest but again increases as you start doing exercise. Various Sports Hernia Symptoms by which one can diagnose the disease are given below

Sports Hernia Symptoms

Groin Pain

It is the most common characteristics of Sports Hernia Symptom. The intensity of the pain changes during the course of the day. It increases when you increase the groin movement due to activities like walking, kicking and running.

Pain In Adductors

Adductors muscles are present in the inner thighs. The pain usually starts after several weeks of groin pain. The person will feel tightness, increased sensitivity and pain in the adductors which increases with increase in physical activities.

Pain In Lower Abdomen

Pain in lower abdomen when a sportsperson does exercises like situps and crunches in which stress is given to the lower abdomen are observed. You may feel a pulling sensation when you bend down. The pain lasts for few seconds in lower part of the abdomen.

Pain In Testes

The pain is temporally felt when you move or stand up. Even when you cough you will feel pain in the testes for a few seconds. Other symptom includes pulling sensation in the spermatic chords.

Pain near Iliac Crest

Iliac crest is the upper edge of the pelvic bone on either side. The pain is very intense however, lasts for only a few seconds. The pain generally occurs after exercise. It subsides once you take rest for some time.

Pain In Back Of Legs

It resembles the pain due to tight hamstring. This commonly occurs due to a movement which causes hip extension like getting up off the floor and walking up stairs. The pain is in the top part of the legs. The pain reduces after proper rest and limited moments.

Treatment of Sports Hernia mainly focuses on resting and can be properly cured by operation. With about ninety percent success rate, operation plays a very crucial role in the treatment. Once the Sports Hernia Symptoms are observed you must quickly consult a doctor because it can damage the entire career of a sportsperson if not treated in time.

Diagnosing and treating it in its early stages is vital in decreasing the complications. Physical therapy exercises to improve strength and flexibility of the abdomen and thighs are very important in curing and reducing the pain.

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