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What Are The Yeast Allergy Symptoms

Yeast Allergy Symptoms

Yeast is a type of of fungus present in our body and many food items. We observe Yeast Allergy Symptoms when the level of yeast increases in the body. Yeast is present in food items like bread, vinegar, mushrooms and cheese and different drinks like beer, coffee and wine.

A small amount of yeast is always present in our body but when they start to multiply and accumulates in our body it leads to Yeast Allergy Symptoms. The main causes of Yeast Allergy are eating foods which have yeast in them. Those who are allergic to Yeast will show symptoms within few minutes of consumption and another important reason is the accumulation of yeast in the moist parts of the body like mouth and vagina. The major symptoms can be classified according to the part which is being affected.

Yeast Allergy Symptoms


Yeast Allergy can cause runny nose, congestion, wheezing, problem in breathing and excessive mucus production, also called as post nasal drip.


If a person is allergic to yeast then he may suffer from itchy eyes and watering of eyes when tiny airborne particles enter the eye. Other complications include conjunctivitis and redness of the eyes


Skin rashes, hives and red itchy patches are common symptoms experienced if someone touches yeast or consumes it.

Mouth And Throat

The allergy due to yeast initially affects the mouth and the throat. You will see white patches on your tongue. Sore throat and coughing too are common Yeast Allergy Symptoms.


Yeast multiply in the vagina due to presence of  moisture. Irritation, itching and burning sensation during urination along with pain during intercourse are few allergy symptoms.


Yeast allergy affects the respiratory tract as well as the lungs. Problem in breathing, sneezing and coughing and suffocation are few major symptoms of the allergy. Shortness of breath and airway obstruction can be very fatal.


When yeast enters the stomach one can experience vomiting and excessive pain along with nausea and cramping. After sometime you may suffer from diarrhea and constipation.


The most fatal complication of Yeast Allergy is cardiac arrest which is caused due to low blood pressure of the body. Other symptoms related to heart are heartburn and uneven pulse.

There is no proper treatment of Yeast allergy because of limited research in the field of allergy. Medicines are available which reduce the intensity of Yeast Allergy Symptoms. You must know whether you are allergic to yeast. If yes, then avoid eating foods  containing yeast. Yeast allergy affects the major organs of our body so it is better not to consume it. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle that is proper diet and exercise then you will notice that the symptoms gradually diminishes with time.

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