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What Causes Hair Loss In Women

What Causes Hair Loss In Women

When we think about hair loss we mostly think about men baldness but the fact is about two third women face the problem of hair loss at some point in their life. Fortunately hair loss hardly causes baldness in women except in cases of diseases like cancer. Women usually experience general thinning on the crown. A normal person looses about 100 hairs everyday but due to several reasons you may loose much more hair everyday.

It is observed that when a person takes shower then she looses much more hair in comparison to other days. Hair grows in three phases that is anagen, catagen and telogen. Hair fall occurs in talogen stage or resting stage. Typically when a person sheds hair it is replaced by hair of same size but women suffering from hair loss the hair is finer and thinner. The hair follicles shrink and finally they stop growing altogether. What causes hair loss in women has several answers which are listed below:

What Causes Hair Loss In Women:

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills are widely used by women. It has several side effects as it changes the hormonal levels of the body. Women who regularly use contraceptive pills are at higher risk of loosing hairs.


Both physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss in women and it is one of the major causes of hair loss. The body stops producing hairs during stress. Hair loss can be caused due to surgery, sudden changes in a person’s life or rapid weight changes.

Traction Alopecia:

This is caused by trauma to the hair follicles from tight hairstyles like braiding, cornrows, tight ponytails and extensions. If you are noticing hair loss then you should change your hairstyle and keep your hair loose.

Hormonal Changes:

The genetic sensitivity to androgen is a major cause of hair loss in women. Androgen is a hormone mainly present in men which results to baldness in case of men. As women have much lesser androgen level in comparison to women, this type of hair loss in less common in women.

Post Pregnancy:

During pregnancy there is major fluctuation in the hormonal level, it is noticed that during pregnancy hair becomes much thicker but post pregnancy it is noticed that women loose hair within 6 months after the child birth.


Certain diseases like thyroid diseases, iron deficiency and cancer can cause rapid hair loss and you may notice major damage within few weeks. You should consult a doctor if you are noticing rapid hair loss and other disease symptoms. Even few medications can lead to hair loss.

By now you must be aware of what causes hair loss in women? But fortunately it does not cause major damage in case of women. There are several precautionary measures by which you can reduce hair loss.  Surgical procedures like hair transplants can be very useful to fill in the thinned out areas of the scalp. Take proper care of your hair, oil them regularly and do not use tie your hairs very tightly.

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  • This ‘resting’ hair will fall out naturally in three to 4 months and get replaced by new hair
    that grows as a substitute. It is completely regular to
    have some amount of standard hair fall.

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