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What Does ADHD Mean You Should Know

What Does ADHD Mean

For those who want to know what does ADHD mean? The answer is it is neurological disorder related to attention deficiency. It is an abbreviation for Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder. It affects the children and is a chronic disorder so it can continue till adulthood too. However, ADHD can’t be diagnosed in an adult if he was not suffering from it in his childhood. According to surveys, around seven percent children have ADHD. Children suffering from this disorder can’t concentrate, are hyperactive and are easily bored and frustrated. The main causes of the disorder are

Causes of ADHD:


Researchers believe that ADHD is passed from one generation to the other so if a kid’s parent is having ADHD then the risk of kid suffering from the disorder increases.

Exposure to Toxins:

Certain chemical toxins are harmful to the brain which affects the proper development of the brain in the growing stages of a person. Few chemicals from which you should keep a safe distance are lead and PCB.


Head injury in the childhood hampers the development of brain. Even if the mother experiences trauma during pregnancy then also the chances of child suffering from the disorder increases.

Chemical Changes:

Imbalances in the brain chemicals which are responsible for transmitting signals and inactive part of the brain that controls attention can lead to ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD:


As the name suggests the child is hyperactive. He can’t sit quietly at one place and keeps on talking. Will move from one place to another and can’t play quietly. Teens suffering from ADHD can be very violent at times.


The person fails to focus on any job or activity. They can easily be distracted. Adults often change their job as they can’t work in places where you need to sit for hours. They are forgetful and often commit careless mistakes. They have a habit of daydreaming, they may not follow what the other person is saying to him.

Impulsive Behavior:

They lack patience and very impulsive by nature. For example they will answer you before you finish asking the question. During discussions they will interrupt when others are speaking. At times can be very annoying for others.

Other symptoms include mood swing, depression, getting violent, anxiety, low self esteem and low tolerance level.

Treatment of ADHD:

A proper combination of medication and therapy session can help you cope up with the disorder. It can’t be cured but certainly you can have a better life if you take professional help. Various therapies which the patients suffering from ADHD undergo are

Behavioral Therapy:

A professional therapist can help you handle improper behavior by various techniques of anger control and teaches good behavior. They teach children social behaviors like sharing and respecting others.

Support Groups:

It is a group of people who are suffering from the same condition. They share their experiences, the members come to know about new techniques to control ADHD from others. Meeting like minded people increases self esteem and confidence.


Stimulants are very effective in increasing attentiveness and improving sleeping problem. It is not a proper cure of ADHD. When times passes after taking the dose, the symptoms immediately returns. However, any stimulant used against ADHD can have adverse reactions like psychosis.

Now you must be aware of what does ADHD mean, its causes and the symptoms of the disorder. Along with proper treatment we should cooperate with the patients of ADHD so that they feel better and are not isolated. Parents should be responsible enough to handle the kids properly.

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