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When Can You Get An Abortion

When Can You Get An Abortion

If you are planning to have an abortion then doing it at the right time reduces the chances of complications related to abortion to a great extent. Many women have confusion regarding when can you get an abortion? Simply speaking sooner the better. If you don’t want to have a baby abort it as soon as possible. Do not delay in making up your mind. As the baby develops the abortion procedure becomes much more complicated.

There are different types of abortion methods and you should choose the procedure depending upon the stage of the pregnancy. You should consult a doctor to decide which one suits you the best. Most of the abortions are between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. In many countries abortion is illegal after a certain period of pregnancy, in most countries it is banned after 24 weeks and is only allowed if mother’s life is at risk or if the child may not survive after birth.

If you missed your periods and you took abortion pills very early then there are chances that it may not work because the gestation sac is very small. However, it is the safest way of abortion with the least complications. In medical abortion the patient is given tablets of mifeprex and misoprostol. These medicines block the hormone necessary for pregnancy and triggers uterine contraction as a result the fetus and placenta comes out from the body.

Medical abortion is most effective if taken in between 7-12 weeks because the baby is too small to cause any major complication to the body. You can also go for natural abortions methods like taking overdose of Vitamin C or taking ascorbic acid.

Any abortion done after the first trimester is considered as late abortion and possesses much more risk to the health of the person. After the first trimester medical abortion is no longer effective and you will have to undergo medical procedures to abort the baby. The method of surgical abortion varies with stage of the pregnancy. In the initial stages of second semester vacuum aspiration procedure can be used for abortion. In this method the placenta and baby is sucked out of the body by inserting a pump to create vacuum in the cervix.

Another method of abortion which is done under doctor’s guidance is salt poisoning in which the baby dies when it swallows the saline water which is injected in the womb of the women. Within few hours mother gives birth to a dead child.

A surgical abortion in later stages are much more complex and have higher risks of infection and damage to other parts. In hysterotomy the abdomen and uterus is opened and the baby is removed directly under vision. Dilation and extraction and Caesarean section are done in the later stages of abortion. It is mostly done if there is some medical complication in the pregnancy.

The opinions on abortion may vary so if you consulting too many people you will be confused and end up delaying the abortion. Take your own decision after thinking thoroughly about the consequences of abortion and whether it is really required.  Most delayed abortion due to complications in pregnancy can be avoided by improving the screening technology of pregnant women.

If you are wandering when can you get an abortion? then it is most suitable to abort it in the first trimester. However, it can be aborted later but there are much more risks and chances of complications. Consult your doctor before aborting a baby, if it is delayed then don’t go for abortion if it is only done for convenience, you are putting your life into risk by doing it. Instead give birth to the child and give it to any adoption center.

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