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Why Does My Hair Fall Out

Why Does My Hair Fall Out

If you are loosing hair then you must have asked yourself Why Does My Hair Fall Out?

Hair loss also known as alopecia is a very common problem among elder and middle aged people. It is common in both men and women however, more intense in case of men which leads to baldness among men due to age which is a very common phenomenon. There are various diverse reasons due to which hair fall can occur. Those with long hairs tend to loose more hair.

Several reasons due to which you can loose hair are:

Why Does My Hair Fall out?


It is one of the major reasons of hair fall. If your hair loss is due to genetic conditions then you can’t do anything to improve the situation. You can slow down the rate of hair loss but can’t stop it .


Iron deficiency also leads to loss of hair. Many people complaining about loss of hair were found to be suffering from Anemia.


When the body undergoes major hormonal changes there is imbalance of hormones causing hair fall. Excess testosterone causes hair loss in boys. This is a major reason of hair fall in the adolescence.


Many women are surprised to see the loss of hair just after giving birth to a child. This is a normal condition and the hair come back within one year. Due to changes in levels of estrogen they shed more hairs than usual after pregnancy.

Foreign Reagents:

Many chemicals which you apply in form of hair dyes, gels, shampoos contain very harmful compounds which harms the hair. Even various treatments like hair straightening and permanent styling weakens the structural integrity of hairs.


With aging hair start falling because of shorter strands as we get older. The loss due to aging is more prominent among men which leads to partial or complete baldness.

Skin Condition Of Scalp:

An unhealthy scalp leads to inflammation which makes it difficult for hair to grow. Presence of dandruff weakens the hair joints due to which the hair fall increases.

Medication And Diseases:

Hair Fall is a common symptom in patients suffering from diseases like Hypothyroidism and cancer. Many strong medicines also have side effects like brittle hair. The dry, brittle hair easily fall off when we take bath.

You must have got the answer to your queries about Why Does My Hair Fall Out? You will also be interested in knowing how to treat or stop the hair fall. Firstly, take precautions do not apply harmful products and avoid using hairdryers. If you have long hairs and facing problem of hair loss then have a hair cut. Keep your scalp clean and wash it regularly. It is a very important part of your personality so don’t neglect your hairs.

Advance treatments like Hair Regrowth using stem cells are available nowadays. Do not delay in consulting a dermatologist because taking professional help can be very useful in minimizing the hair fall.

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