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Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms You Should Know

Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms

Bronchitis refers to the condition involving inflammation of the inner lining of the bronchial tubes which are responsible for carrying oxygen to and from the lungs. Acute bronchitis symptoms generally lasts for few days and then subsides; however, chronic bronchitis symptoms can cause more severe complications in the body and it can lasts for years. While acute bronchitis is generally caused due to virus infection, the major cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking as the smoke can harm the bronchial tubes which causes inflammation, other factors like continuous exposure to irritants in the surrounding or workplace and weak immunity system may increase the risk of  chronic bronchitis.

When the bronchial tubes are irritated continuously then it may cause  overproduction of excess cough. If not treated properly it may lead to damage of alveoli permanently which may be fatal. The symptoms generally are recurring that is conditions may improve in between but again it worsens due to various factors.

Major Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms


You may suffer from cough for months especially during the winter seasons. The persistent cough is caused due to overproduction of mucus in the body. Our system tries to clear the air passage from cough and irritants by coughing.


You may notice whistling sound when the person is breathing. This is caused due to narrowing of nasal passage as a result of inflammation of the inner lining of bronchial tube and accumulation of excess mucus causing narrowing of the nasal passage.

Increase In Mucus Production

When you smoke, the bronchial tube gets irritated due to which inflammation occurs. As a result of inflammation excessive mucus is produced. Due to this you may feel uneasiness due to accumulation of mucus in the thyroid and nasal passage. It may lead to difficulty in breathing because it clogs the nasal passage.

Frequent Infections

Smoking damages the bronchial tubes due to which it can easily get infected. You may also suffer from infections due to weak immune system and excess mucus because the bacteria fighting cells aren’t much effective.

Shortness Of Breath

You may have difficulty in breathing because of  blockage of nasal passage as a result deposition of mucus. Due to this you may suffer from shortness of breath. The condition may become worse after doing any exaggerating physical activity. The breathing rate will increase and you will have to exert force each time you breathe.


As mentioned earlier damaged bronchial tube is more prone to infections which may cause mild fever. The temperature of body rises when the immune system tries to fight against a foreign bacteria or virus. With increase in lung infection, the chances of fever also increases.

Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms can be confused to that of common cold. With help of proper diagnosis techniques doctors can know the exact underlying cause of the symptoms. Doctors use chest X-ray and sputum culture to correctly diagnose chronic bronchitis symptoms. You may get relief by taking cough syrup and reduce the risk of infection by taking antibiotics. If you are diagnosed with bronchitis then immediately quit smoking because smoking can worsen the condition and may further complicate the situation.

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