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Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Women

Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Women

Anxiety attack can be described as a mental condition which is very much similar to concern and fear. However, fear is a state which is caused due to a specific danger while person is in anxiety when she expects something terrible is going to happen. Anxiety attack symptoms in women are more common because mental condition is directly affected by hormonal imbalance in the body and women during pregnancy and menopause have major hormonal changes happening inside them. Along with biological changes there are several other factors which may lead to anxiety like drug addiction, heart diseases, thyroid problem and diabetes.

Women suffering from anxiety tend to ignore the condition and do not consult any professional till she suffers from an anxiety attack. Few common anxiety attack symptoms in women are listed below:

Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Women:

Increase In Heartbeat:

Sudden increase in heartbeat may be caused due to anxiety attack. Heartbeat increases when a person’s thinks something terrible will happen, the body prepares itself to face the situation by increasing blood flow in different parts of the body. She might feel that her heart has skipped a beat.

Sweating and Shivering:

You may notice excessive sweating during panic attack and person may also shiver due to anxiousness. This is one of the most common anxiety attack symptoms in women. Numbness and tingling sensation has also been observed in many cases.

Breathing Problem:

You may also have difficulty in breathing and suffer from shortness of breath, choking and hyperventilation which means rapid breathing.

Chest Pain:

Anxiety causes tensing of chest muscles due to which you may have severe chest pain and feel tightness and pressure in the chest.

Dizziness and Headache:

Women may find it difficult to maintain balance and remain focused due to dizziness. She may also have a severe headache due to the stress and tension in her mind.


It means that women may not feel attached to anything or anyone around her. She feels everything is out of control and she is helpless and doomed, may have a fear of dying.


Women often get highly upset and irritated which might be a symptom of anxiety attack. During this they may put themselves in between a heated argument and can get very angry and destructive as well.

To diagnose anxiety attack symptoms in women doctor may ask the person to fill a psychological questionnaire  and perform physical tests to find other medical conditions which may cause anxiety. The best treatment of anxiety attacks is psychotherapy in which doctor discusses about the underlying cause of anxiety and helps you relax and get proper solution by counseling. You can also take medications to reduce anxiety and the chances of anxiety attacks.

Certain medications which are helpful to reduce anxiousness are buspirone, benzodiazepine and certain over the counter anti-depressants. Anxiousness is a normal mental condition because expectations from future are normal human behavior; however, if it starts affecting your normal life then you should take professional help instead of ignoring it.

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