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Anxiety Symptoms In Men You Should Know

Anxiety Symptoms In Men

Anxiety is a very common mental disorder affecting about 1.7 million men in U.S.A alone. Anxiety symptoms in men can be caused due to everyday worries and thinking about future problems. Men have many reasons to worry from professional life to personal life. They have to take the main responsibility of their family.

One factor which makes anxiety in case of men more severe is that they do not share their problems with others while women tend to discuss everything with their friends as a result of this anxiety keeps on building up and it results in panic attacks and in worst cases may also lead to heart attack which incidentally is more common in men than women. Hormonal imbalance too may influence the mood of a person. You should never avoid anxiety symptoms as normal everyday stress and if you notice any of the following symptoms consult a doctor immediately

Anxiety Symptoms in Men:


It is a very common symptom of anxiety, due to continuous stress and pressure you may suffer from headache. Due to insufficient sleep mind does not get time to rest as a result tension keeps on building up and you may suffer from stress.


Anxiety may lead to digestive disorders as well. You will suffer from nausea due to which your appetite will decrease. You may feel pain in your stomach as well as suffer from diarrhea and other related complications.

Lack of Normal Sex Drive:

Studies show that people suffering from anxiousness have a very poor sex life. They generally do not initiate having sex and are reluctant to do so because of the stress in their life. In many cases the stress of professional life hampers the personal life of the person too and which may lead to more tension and worsen the condition.


Men suffering from stress can easily loose their patience and calm. You will tend to get into fights more often and get irritated easily. Men can get upset by minor situations.


You will not be able to sleep at nights due to future worries and tensions due to present circumstances. Sleeping late night for many days indicate that you are suffering from anxiety.


Due to incomplete sleep and stress throughout the day may make you feel tired and weak. Your working efficiency will decrease and won’t be able to complete the task allotted.

Respiration Problem:

Difficulty in breathing causing irregular breath and increased breathing rate are common symptom due to high stress level. You may also suffer from severe chest pain which usually does not last too long.

Other Anxiety Symptoms in Men:

  • Frequent urination
  • Increased heart beat
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Restlessness

Anxiety symptoms In Men can vary from a time span of six months to several years. It affects your everyday life and also the people around you so it is necessary to get treated in time before the conditions worsen. The most effective treatment of anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy. If the therapies are not successful you may opt for medication. You may take help of antidepressants and sleeping pills to reduce stress. You can also take help of yoga, acupuncture and message therapies for relieving stress and anxiety.

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