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Asbestos Exposure Symptoms And Facts

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms

Asbestos exposure symptoms are very common in people who are working where asbestos concentration is very high for example at construction sites, shipyards where ships are constructed and dismantled, automotive industry and building demolition sites. This is because asbestos is a naturally found mineral which is highly resistant to heat and corrosion so it is widely used as insulators, cements and fire retardant material. Those coming in contact with the workers are also exposed to asbestos because the fibers can easily get trapped in the hair and clothes.

People suffering from diseases related to asbestos peaked during the 1980s. Nowadays use of asbestos in construction is strictly prohibited. When a person is exposed to asbestos for prolonged time then the fibers enter through the nostril and accumulate in the lungs causing scarring and irritation of the tissues. Disease caused due to exposure of asbestos causing rigidity in the lungs is called asbestosis. Lung is unable to contract and expand properly causing various breathing problems. Few of the asbestos exposure symptoms are listed below:

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms:

Persistent Cough:

A person who is exposed to asbestos for long period of time may suffer from a persistent cough. You may also notice blood in the cough of the person exposed to asbestos.

Chest Pain:

Exposure to asbestos may also cause constant chest pain. Asbestos fibers accumulate in the lungs and cause scarring of the lungs due to which you may suffer from pain while breathing.

Shortness of Breath:

One of the most common asbestos exposure symptoms is shortness of breath. Person has difficulty in breathing because lungs can’t contract and expand properly due to asbestos fibers present in the lung tissues.

Difficulty In Swallowing:

Due to the inflammation of the tissues in the chest as a result of irritation and scarring the food pipe may get narrowed due to which the person may have difficulty in swallowing foods.


You may feel uncomfortable when exposed to asbestos. Another symptom of asbestos exposure is nausea and you may also suffer from vomiting.

Loss of Appetite:

Loss of appetite is caused as a result of difficulty in swallowing and nausea. You may not feel like eating due to uneasiness and lack of nutrients in the body leads to tiredness and weakness.


There may be a sharp increase in the body temperature of the person which may also cause headache. However, the fever may drop within few hours.  You may sweat excessively while sleeping especially at night.


Presence of fibers of asbestos may cause deficiency of red blood cells in the blood. As a result you may feel weakness and dizziness due to lack of oxygen in the brain.

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms Can Leads to Cancer:

Asbestos exposure symptoms should be identified as early as possible because the damages caused by asbestos fibers are irreversible and if you do not make immediate changes in your working condition then it may cause lung cancer. Smoking increases the risk of problems related to asbestos. You can get relief from difficulty in breathing by using inhalers, if the damage is severe then you may have to undergo a lung transplant surgery.

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