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Breast Cancer Slogans And Quotes

Breast Cancer Slogans

Slogans are the best way to attract attention and tell many things in few words. Breast Cancer Slogans also do the same thing. The slogans are used to spread awareness about the disease, also the inspirational slogans helps to boost up those who are suffering from Breast Cancer. You can also use these slogans to show support to the ones suffering from cancer and can acknowledge their determination of fighting against the disease.

Pink color is the symbol of Breast Cancer which is used by various organizations which are committed to increasing the awareness among the people and work for the patients suffering from Breast cancer. You can print your favorite slogan on your T-shirts by which you can help in increasing the general awareness of disease. Let’s see few catchy and interesting Breast Cancer Slogans.

Breast Cancer Slogans:

  • Be aware to show you care
  • I am too sexy for my bumps
  • Finding the cure starts with hope
  • The Breast went for rest
  • Big or small save them all
  • Yes these are fake, the real ones tried to kill me
  • Don’t let mounds develop in your mounds
  • Fight like a girl
  • Save the lady behind those booby
  • Boobs like these are worth fighting for
  • Join the fight one step at a time
  • Test the breast
  • Feel a day keeps the doctor away
  • Boobs, sweats and tears
  • Pink is my signature color
  • Think Pink

These Breast Cancer Slogans will surely provide the patient a mental relief  along with increase in awareness among common people. You must publicize these slogans frequently. Make banners, get it printed on your T-shirt or you may even post it in the internet. You can also put on pink badges so that you can show your concern about Breast Cancer.

There are millions of women who are fighting against breast cancer everyday both emotionally and physically. It is our responsibility to provide support and assurance to them that they are not alone in this fight, we all are with them in every situation.

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