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Did Your Toenail Fell Off?

Toenail Fell Off

Are you confused and panicked that why your Toenail Fell Off suddenly. Well there is nothing to panic it is a common case of fungus infection or it may be due to injury in the toe. The condition is medically termed as onychoptosis. In most cases the nails grow back on their own. There are various symptoms which you would have observed before your nail fell off.

Most of them are related to toenail fungus and others may be caused due to injury.

Symptoms Of Toenail Fell Off


The nail develops white patches which gradually expand. Nail may change its color to brownish, black, yellow or white. Due to injury the blood clots and also the nail dies which leads to dark color of the nails.


The toenail can thicken due to various reasons. Among these fungus is the major reason. Injury to the root can thicken the nail temporarily. It finally causes the nail to fall off.


The fungus makes the toe nail to crumble and then color of nail changes to yellow and then it will falls off. Also the toenail splits and crumbles due to deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Severe Pain and Foul Smell

You will feel severe pain accompanied with swelling of the toe due to any injury or infection. The fungus infection leads to foul smell from the toe.

Causes Of Toenail Fall Off

Fungal Infection

Fungus enters the nail bed through the sides of the nails and then infest in that area and causes infection. It feeds on the protein in the nails and uses the moisture of the nail bed. Due to the damage to the nail bed and nails the nail gets discolored and due to infection toe emits a foul smell  and finally nail gets detached from the surface of the skin and it falls off.


As a result of injury the underlying nail bed gets damaged due to which the nail falls off after some time. The affected area starts paining and swells. You should not force the damaged nail to come off. Nail will not grow properly if you damage the nail bed.

Reduce Risk Of Toenail Fall Off

  • Keep your feet clean. Always wash and dry your feet properly after you come back from Use lukewarm water to clean the feet.
  • Moisture is very important for growth of fungus so you should wear proper cotton shocks which do not block the moisture inside it and keeps the area dry.
  • Wear proper shoes which can efficiently protect your toe from injury and provide sufficient gaps in between the toes. Do not walk barefoot at public places as it can increase the risk of injury.
  • Trim your toenails regularly so that dirt and moisture do not accumulate in the nails.
  • Apply antiseptics at the affected area. Benzalkonium chloride is a very effective antiseptic in curing infection due to fungus and prevents the nail from falling off.

Do not panic if your Toenail Falls Off as it will come back soon if you take proper care of the toe. Take the above precautionary measures to reduce the risk of Toenail Fall Off. Sportsperson should be more alert to injuries to the nails. Those who are working in moist conditions should keep their feet dry. Consult a specialist as soon as you observe initial symptoms like discoloration of the nails.

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