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Effects Of High Triglyceride Symptoms

High Triglyceride Symptoms

Triglycerides are the fat particles present in the blood which is generally released by liver and  intestines when they digest and release triglycerides in the blood. High Triglyceride symptoms are caused due to various reasons like obesity heredity and increasing age. Other health problems like kidney diseases, hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity and also certain medications increases risk of high triglyceride in the blood. The condition is also referred as hypertriglyceridemia.

Triglycerides are used to supply necessary energy to the different organs and the remaining is stored as fat however, if the level of triglyceride is more than required then you may suffer from various complications. There are no clear symptoms of high triglyceride and people generally come to know about it during regular blood tests.

High Triglyceride Symptoms


With increase in triglyceride the cholesterol level also increases in the body. These excess fat may get deposited just under the skin and appear as yellow streaks under the skin. These lumps may be itchy as well.

Chest Pain

High triglyceride level may lead to accumulation of excess fat in the arteries which causes the narrowing of arteries. As a result of this heart does not get proper supply of oxygen and you may suffer from chest pain.

Nodule Formation

You may observe nodules being formed which can be felt by touching which are generally located in the joints like elbow and knees.

Lipemia Retinalis

Due to high triglyceride level you may suffer from lipemia retinalis, an eye related disease due to which the blood vessels in the eye appear pink in color. It is a noticeable symptom, whenever you observe change in color of the eyes consult an eye specialist to know the underlying cause.

Swelling of Pancreas

Pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes which help in digestion and also produce  insulin to control the sugar level of the body. The size of the pancreas increases due to high triglyceride in the blood, this condition is also referred as pancreatitis.

Heart Problems

If you are suffering from heart diseases and any other related complication then it may indicate high triglyceride in the body. It may also result to heart attacks because it causes narrowing of the artery and affects necessary supply of blood and oxygen to the heart.

Since High Triglyceride symptoms are difficult to notice you must go for regular blood test to check for the lipid levels. The treatment of high triglyceride mainly focuses on changing the food habits and lifestyle of the  person. You can also take help of medications to lower the triglyceride levels. The major changes which can be helpful in reducing triglyceride are loosing weight, quitting smoking and consumption of alcohol, avoiding fat rich foods like fish and meat and eat more fiber rich food and break the major meals into smaller meals to prevent excess triglyceride accumulation in the body.

Exercise is a very important lifestyle change which will not only reduce weight but also reduce the triglyceride and cholesterol level in the body.

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