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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Clots

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Clots

Many women have heavy menstrual bleeding with clots and this condition is called as Menorrhagia. During menstrual bleeding the anticoagulants are released to prevent blood clots however, during heavy menstrual bleeding anticoagulants are not much effective and blood clots due to which those who have heavy menstrual bleeding can notice blood clots in the discharge. Due to many bloods clots the bleeding appears denser.

Prolonged menstrual bleeding is a normal in women who are reaching their menopause so if you are in the pre menopause stage then you need not worry or panic. Also when menstrual cycle starts during puberty, girls may have heavy menstrual bleeding. There are various other causes of heavy menstrual bleeding with blood clots

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Clots:

Hormonal Imbalance:

Imbalance in the estrogen and progesterone level may cause heavy menstrual bleeding with clots. They control the buildup of uterine walls and the imbalance may cause much thicker lining in the uterine walls as a result when it sheds, it causes heavy menstrual bleeding.


Anovulation refers to the condition when ovulation does not occur during the menstrual cycle. This may lead to imbalance in the progesterone level and as a result you may have heavy menstruation.


In few women, mostly middle aged the endometrium gland may get embedded in the walls of the uterine walls and as a result when the lining sheds off it causes lot of pain and bleeding and you notice lot of blood clots in the discharge.

Uterine Fibroid:

Uterine fibroid is referred to small benign growths which develop in the wall of uterus. Uterine fibroid may cause heavy menstruation and prolonged menstruation. You may suffer from excessive cramps due to uterine fibroid.


Few women may inherit certain blood clotting disorder from their mother due to which a major blood clotting factor is less in the body, as a result the person may have excessive menstrual bleeding.

How to Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Clots:

If a person is suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding with clots for a long time then she may suffer from iron and hemoglobin deficiency. You may also suffer from unbearable cramps which may require medical attention. Anti Inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and naproxen if taken a couple of days before period can provide menstrual cramps relief and reduce the amount of bleeding during periods. If you are suffering from adenomiosis then you can be treated with the help of surgery.  Iron supplements and hormonal therapy are also very effective in treating heavy menstrual bleeding as a result the blood clots will also reduce.

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