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How Does Abortion Work And Methods of Abortion

How Does Abortion Work

Abortion is a procedure to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. A woman opts for abortion due to several reasons, it can be by choice or due to some medical complications. One of the most common reasons for abortion is unwanted pregnancy as a result of unprotected sex. Woman is not ready to take the responsibilities of a child either due to financial reasons or she is very young and maybe she is still a student.

A child can affect her studies and career and the only choice left is abortion. When the person goes for abortion there are many queries troubling her like what are side effects of abortion? How does abortion work? And What are the methods of abortion?  This can be quiet confusing and stressful for a pregnant woman. There are several methods of abortion and it varies with the stage of abortion.

A initial stage method like medical abortion may not be useful at a later stage. You need to undergo surgical procedures at later stages and it can lead to much more complications. So it is better to get the baby aborted as soon as possible. Abortion works differently depending on the method you are opting for.

How Does Abortion Work

Abortion Pills

A medical abortion is recommended if the pregnancy has been detected at an early stage. It can be used in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy when the  fetus has not developed much. Many abortion pills like Mifeprex also called mifepriston are used for the purpose. It blocks progesterone hormone which is very important for the pregnancy. The pill binds progesterone in the uterus so the tissue lining stops growing and starts to detach from the uterus. Another medicine, cytotec also known as misoprostol causes uterine contraction and as a result bleeding occurs. Bleeding and cramping may start within an hour of taking the pill. The embroyo comes out along with the blood and uterine lining. According to stats about 95% of medical abortions are successful.

Surgical Abortions

There are several methods of surgical abortion like vacuum aspiration, intact dilation and contraction and caesarean section. In the former method doctor uses vacuum to remove the fetus and uterine lining. In dilation a curette, loop shaped knife is used to cut the baby and placenta into pieces and then it is taken out.

Surgical abortion is mostly done when any medical complications is observed in the unborn baby or mother which can be a threat to the mother’s life. It is mostly done within 12 weeks but can be done even in the 20th week if the situation is critical.

Another method of abortion is salt poisoning in which salt is injected into the amniotica and the baby dies within few hours when he swallows the saline solution. You will deliver a dead baby whose skin would be missing.

You must have got an idea of how does abortion work? But it is recommended that you talk to your doctor even if you are going for at home abortion and taking abortion pills. Surgical abortion should be done as soon as possible, avoid abortion after first trimester of pregnancy if there are no medical reasons as it can lead to various complications and is very risky. You can take ibuprofen to reduce the cramping and if the bleeding is heavy after taking abortion pills then talk to your doctor immediately.

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