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How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Before we understand how to lower blood sugar naturally, it’s important that we are causes of increasing sugar level in to our blood. Every time someone takes carbohydrate, his blood sugar level is affected. When you take carbohydrate the body turns it into glucose which provides energy to the different organs and tissues of body for proper functioning.

The pancreas releases insulin which balances the glucose level in the blood. In some situations the pancreas does not release insulin due to which the blood sugar level rises. This situation is called as hyperglycemia. There are many ways by which one can lower blood sugar level naturally.

Tips to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally:

Healthy meal plan:

Our diet is the major deciding factor of blood sugar level in the body. Having a balanced diet helps to lower the blood sugar naturally. One should choose the diet according to his preferences keeping health in mind.

Eat more fibers:

The complex carbohydrates contain fibers. Fiber gets digested at a slow pace because of its complex structure, which causes a slow elevation of blood sugar level. Oatmeal, whole wheat bread, pasta  and whole grain cereal are high fiber foods. Edible vegetable and fruit meal are also rich in fiber.  Increasing the fiber level in the diet helps to lower blood sugar naturally.

Avoid bad Carbohydrates:

Simple carbohydrates easily break down due to which the glucose level increases in the blood at a fast pace. Thus avoiding harmful carbohydrates is very important to lower the sugar levels. Avoid foods like candy, cakes, soda, baked goods which are a rich source of harmful carbohydrates.

Take Low Fat Foods:

The glucose level remains high for a longer time if one takes high fat meals. Sticking to low fat diet keeps the calories under control. To naturally lower blood sugar level avoid junk foods and high fat meals.

Eat At Regular Intervals:

Diabetic patients have better sugar control if their meals and carbohydrates are spaced evenly throughout the day. We should eat at a interval of four to six hours. Distribute the daily diet into small meals which will keep the blood sugar level normal.

Breakfast is very important if you want to lower the blood sugar levels as it helps to start the metabolism and makes you less likely to overeat later.

Exercise to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally:

If you want to lower blood sugar naturally exercise regularly because it helps the body to use the insulin better which controls the sugar level in the blood. Exercise vigorously for half an hour daily to use up the excess sugar. It decreases the total cholesterol and blood fats.

Stress Control:

Stress can cause glucose levels to rise, as well as heart rate and blood pressure. Thus reducing stress is very important as it prevents various other health complications and naturally lowers blood sugar levels. Simple stress buster techniques are:

  • Take deep slow breaths for a minute.
  • Try a few yoga postures.
  • Get about seven to eight hours of deep sleep.
  • Do activities which you really enjoy.

Supplementary Foods to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally:

There are various noteworthy herbs which help to control sugar levels.


This herb normalizes blood sugar and insulin levels. It brings down the glucose level within half an hour after taking.


It balances the cholesterol levels and lowers sugar levels. One gram per day is recommended to lower blood sugar naturally. Chia seeds and aloe vera are few other supplements which help in blood sugar stabilization.

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