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How To Stop a Cough Without Medicines

How To Stop a Cough

Persistent cough  can become very annoying especially when it keeps coming when you are trying to sleep. Coughing is body’s natural reaction to clear the throat. Coughing is of two one is normal cough in which excess mucus comes out of the throat and second is dry unproductive cough . Dry cough is caused due to a scratchy throat which is mostly caused as a result of excessive smoking. Cough generally starts with cold but can trouble you for several weeks even after other symptoms have gone. Cough can also be caused due to allergies, pneumonia, sinusitis  and several other problems.

Asthmatic patients are more frequently troubled by the cough. Coughing causes hyperventilation and over breathing reduces the oxygen level in the body which can lead to several chronic diseases. So it is very important to get rid of cough as soon as possible. Now the important question arises how to stop a cough? There are several home remedies and medications by which you  stop cough few of which are listed below.

How To Stop a Cough


Honey has been used for several centuries to treat cough. It is the most effective home remedy to stop cough instantly. It forms a coating on the throat thus reducing the irritation. You can either drink spoonful of honey directly or mix it with tea.


Humidifier works best in loosing the mucus which is causing the persistent cough especially dry cough. It helps open and moisten the airways and relieve from cough. You can even add vapor solutions to get faster relief.


Drink lots of water frequently to keep your throat wet. Both warm and cold water provides relief from cough but cold water has added benefit of reducing the swelling of the throat.


Ginger is another herbal product which has innumerable health benefits. You can either chew a small piece of ginger to get rid of the cough or you may also add it with tea and drink it.


You can also opt for vaporubs which are easily available in the market. Apply it on your chest and soles of the feet before going to bed. It stops heavy coughing within 5 minutes and you can go to sleep without trouble.


Eucalyptus is a plant which is a very effective cold remedy solution. It is present in several cough relieving products like cough drops, vapor baths and chest rubs.


Take decongestants or cough syrups if you are having congestion along with cough as it is effective in diminishing post nasal drip. You can also take cough drops or containing anesthetics which helps numb the throat thus stopping the cough.

These were a few ways to how to stop a cough?. If the cough is not stopping even after three weeks consult a doctor. You may require proper breathing treatments. Proper diagnosis very important as there can be a much more serious underlying cause of the cough like tuberculosis or other respiratory disease. Quit smoking and tobacco if you are suffering from a persistent cough.

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