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Kidney Pain Location, Causes and Symptoms

Kidney Pain Location

A lot of people do not have any idea about the actual kidney pain location. To understand kidney pain you must know the exact location of the kidney. Many people have the misconception that kidney is located in the lower abdomen region but the actual location is much above it. It is present just below the diaphragm. Both the kidneys aren’t placed symmetrically in the body. The right one is shifted below due to the location of liver. The region where the kidneys are located is called Retroperitoneal Cavity.

Kidney Pain Location:

Often normal back pains or muscle pulls are confused to kidney pain because pain due to either of the two reasons occurs almost at the same place. The Kidney Pain Location is exactly below the twelfth rib, you will feel pain in the flanks, in the lower back portion just under the rib cage. However, this pain can spread to the lower abdomen region and groin if the pain is very intense. Kidney pain is sometimes mistaken with pain in other organs like liver and pancreas or pain in colon or spleen. Let’s see few causes which lead to kidney pain.

Kidney Pain Causes:

Kidney Infection

Our kidney gets inflamed due to infection which can be caused due to infestation of bacteria. Due to inflammation, the renal capsule which is a protective layer on kidney gets stretched due to which we feel pain


If the part of body just below rib cage gets injured due to any accident then in severe cases it may cause renal hemorrhage and cause inflammation of kidney as a result of which you may suffer from excruciating pain.


Normal flow of blood is stopped due to accumulation of fats in the arteries which also causes hardening of the arteries. This may cause lack of oxygen and blood in the kidney which may lead to pain in kidney.

Kidney Stone

Stone form in the kidney when certain compounds like oxalic acid crystallize.  When the stone is in the kidney then it does not cause pain but when stone gets stuck in the ureter, it blocks the normal flow of urine from the body and causes pain.

Other Kidney Diseases

Other diseases like kidney cancer, polycystic kidney and bladder spasms may cause kidney pain. These diseases leads to stretching of the renal capsule as a result of inflammation thus causing the pain.

You must be observing symptoms in your body other than the pain to distinguish it from normal pain which is caused due to muscle pull or strain. Few symptoms are listed below

Kidney Problem Symptoms

  • Blood with the urine
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Increase in pain when the area of the back over the kidney is pressed
  • Change in color of urine flow
  • Irregular flow of urine

If you have any problem particularly in the kidney pain location along with any of the above symptoms you must go to a Nephrologist as soon as possible. He will help to diagnose the main cause of the pain and recommend you the proper treatment. Early diagnosis is always helpful for getting fully cured. Do not ignore any symptoms. You should have proper knowledge of your body so that you are aware of the reasons of pain in different parts and consult a proper specialist in the early stages of disease.

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