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Low Self Esteem Symptoms And Consequences

Low Self Esteem Symptoms

Self esteem means what you think about yourself means how you evaluate yourself taking into consideration your limitations and abilities. People who have low self confidence generally show low self esteem symptoms which is very evident if you notice the behavior of the person for example the person will try to be behave perfectly and hides his actual character.

Low self  esteem symptoms are most common in teenage girls because they are very conscious about themselves and about 90% of them feel they lack something in their personality. However, low esteem cases are also very prominent in boys and elders. People who have some extra weight generally have low self esteem and they do not feel confident about themselves.

Low self esteem can make a person feel looser even before doing anything due to which they are afraid of doing anything out of the box and rely on others to take the important decisions of their lives. They can be easily bullied and influenced by others. Major symptoms of low self esteem are listed below

Low Self Esteem Symptoms


Those having low self esteem are very critical about oneself. They are extra conscious of of their activities and conversations. They are also very critical about others to show their own importance due to which you may feel that the person is very arrogant.

Inability To Take Decisions

The person is unable to take any decision or make any changes in their life. They are afraid that they can go wrong and may have to face failure as a result they always act safely or as asked to. They become dependent on others and their whole course of life is decided by someone else.

Hides His Problems

If a person is having low self esteem then he will act perfectly as the situation demands. He may not show what is actually going in his mind for example even if person is unable to understand someone he won’t show it because he feels that people may judge him in a wrong way. They don’t want to discuss about their problems with others.


Due to high level of consciousness of what others will think about them people try to do everything perfectly so that no one criticizes them and when something goes wrong they get highly upset and may get depressed too because they start feeling that everyone feels they can’t do anything and is a average person.


In order to feel better about oneself a person may take help of drugs and alcohol so that they can get rid of the stress and they may also over spend just to show off  and impress others.

Poor Communication

Due to lack of confidence a person is unable to express himself. He is reluctant in putting forward his ideas and opinions due to fear of rejection from others. He may feel awkward in a between a discussion or meeting and usually won’t participate actively in these activities.

Low self esteem symptoms can be described as caused due to disease because you do not have control on the situation, you can’t change how you are thinking about yourself or how you are responding to a situation. However with proper support and guidance of parents and peers a person  may gain self confidence and have a positive self esteem but if you are acting very differently then you may worsen the condition, you should act normally and in a very supportive manner to actually make any significant difference in the person’s life.

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