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Menstrual Cycle Symptoms And Signs

Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

Menstrual cycle refers to the series of changes in the body of a woman which prepares the woman to get pregnant. In an average woman the menstrual cycle repeats after every 28 days. Due to various changes you may notice several menstrual cycle symptoms affecting the woman both physically and mentally. Menstruation refers to bleeding during each cycle and the blood comes out from the uterus which contains the tissue lining and the unfertilized.

The main causes of menstrual cycle symptoms is the rapid changes of hormones in the body and other changes which prepare the egg to get fertilized. Menstrual cycle generally start at the age of 12-14 and by the time women reaches 40 -45 years menstrual cycle stop permanently. Woman suffers from several problems and discomfort during her periods. Major menstrual cycle symptoms are listed below.

Menstrual Cycle Symptoms


It is one of the first symptoms of  menstrual cycle. Many women suffer from cramps a week before period and cramps may continue even after the periods have stopped. Cramps are caused due to the contraction of uterus muscles. You may suffer from abdominal and back pain.

Mood Swings

Hormone are directly affect the emotional state of a person. During periods there is a high level of  estrogen and progesterone in the body and just after the periods it drops rapidly and due to this sudden hormonal imbalance you may notice mood swings in the person. The person may get irritated easily and feel low during periods.


It is one of the most common menstrual cycle symptom. Gas formation increases in women during their which adds to their discomfort and they may have pain due to it.

Digestion Problems

During menstrual cycle a woman may suffer from diarrhea, nausea and indigestion. Most of the women do not suffer from diarrhea in every menstrual cycle. You may also suffer from bloating.

Headache And Fatigue

Women may suffer from severe headache and fatigue. This may be caused due to stress from other symptoms and the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Food Craving

The person may crave for certain type of food such as salty or very spicy foods. However, after periods when the hormone levels are normal she will no longer crave for a particular taste.

Menstrual cycle symptoms can’t be treated however you can get relief from the discomforts. Women very often ask how to stop period cramps? As it is one of the most common symptom. You can reduce cramps by relaxing the muscles by keeping the abdomen warm. You can also try massaging and meditations to reduce pain, headache and stress. Regular exercise can help to improve your condition by increasing blood circulation. Avoid eating fatty foods or caffeine because it constricts the blood vessels. If you are having irregular menstrual periods or excessive bleeding then you should consult a doctor immediately.

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