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Pituitary Gland Tumor Symptoms

Pituitary Gland Tumor Symptoms

Pituitary gland tumors are the abnormal growths in the pituitary gland. The gland is present  at the base of the brain and is of the size of a pea. The main function of pituitary gland is to control the level of hormones in the body. Pituitary gland tumor symptoms may vary depending upon the shape, size and location of the tumor. The gland not only controls but also produces certain important hormones. Formation of tumor can affect the functioning of the gland.

In some cases it is observed that it causes excessive production of hormones in the body while it may also cause lack of hormones. About 90% of the tumor are non-cancerous so the tumor generally doesn’t spread to other parts of the body; however, it can create pressure in the brain due to increased size. Till date no specific cause of formation of tumor in the gland has been found. Few cases have shown that it is inherited from previous generation but it hasn’t been proved that genetics increases the risk of tumor.

Pituitary Gland Tumor Symptoms


You may suffer from acute headache because of the continuous pressure on the brain due to the presence of large tumor. Headache may continue for several months and over the counter drugs may not improve the condition.

Vision Loss

Optic nerves are responsible to carry signals from eyes to brain. If the tumor in the pituitary gland is large enough to cause pressure on the optic nerves then you may have difficulty in seeing properly. You may also suffer double vision and drooping eyes.

Change In Weight

When high amount of hormones in released from thyroid as a result of tumor it increases the rate of metabolism in the body. High level of metabolism for a long time may cause weight loss.

Stomach Problem

Person may have uncomfortable feeling in his stomach and may also suffer from vomiting and pain in the stomach. You may also suffer from constipation.


Due to imbalance of essential hormones in the body, the affected person may feel weakness and tiredness. Your stamina may reduce significantly causing inefficiency in performing any task.

Unable To Smell

Tumor in the pituitary gland may also affect the proper functioning of the brain because it creates pressure on certain sensory nerves in the brain. As a result of this person may loose sense of smell because brain is unable to receive the signals properly.

Enlarged Body Parts

If the tumor causes high growth hormone level in the body then it leads to enlarged body parts especially feet and hands. The growth hormone secreting tumor may also cause arthritis, misaligned teeth, excessive sweating , high blood pressure and heart problems.

Pituitary gland tumor symptoms can be diagnosed with the help of blood test by which you can check abnormal level of hormones in the body. Brain imaging is very useful to know the size and location of the tumor. Treatment is done taking into consideration the size and location of the tumor as well as overall health and age of the person. Medications can be used to stop excess hormone secretion in the body and maintain normal hormonal balance. Doctors can also perform surgery or take help of radiation therapy to remove the tumor from the pituitary gland.

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